11 Best Deck Lattice Ideas to Create A Beautiful Deck

Entertaining friends and family on the deck of your house is a nice thing to do. However, an unattractive space under the deck can draw an unwanted attention from your guests. Therefore, you need to cover it with lattice. There are choices of deck lattice ideas that can be installed under you deck.

However, not all those lattice ideas are perfect for you. Aside from choosing the right lattice pattern, you also need to choose the right lattice material.

Wooden lattice and vinyl lattice offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Despite those differences, both of them offer you with attractive products.

These are the best deck lattice ideas that can make your deck look beautiful.

Beautiful Deck Lattice Ideas

A Deck with Large Diagonal Lattice Panels

Deck with Large Diagonal Lattice Panels

The area under the deck tends to be more humid than other areas in your backyard. Therefore, the underside of the deck and the poles tend to get mold or suffer from rot easily.

To avoid it, you can install this deck lattice idea. Its large diagonal pattern offer better air circulation for the area under the deck. Therefore, your deck will last longer.

In addition, this deck lattice looks unique because of its rustic color. This color offers a beautiful contrast to the white and clean exterior of the house.

An Elegant Wood Panel Deck Skirting Idea

Elegant Wood Panel Deck Skirting Idea

As an alternative to wood lattice, you can opt for installing wood panels to cover the unattractive space under the deck. However, in installing the panels, you need to give some spaces between the panels for air circulation.

In addition, you can add a layer of reddish brown finish to the wood panel surface. When you combine it with a black railing, you will get an elegant deck.

Furthermore, add a piece of quality outdoor furniture and your deck will look remarkable.

A White Deck with Clean Lines Deck Skirting

White Deck with Clean Lines Deck Skirting

This beautiful house looks unique with a minimalist deck and clean lines deck skirting. From afar, you cannot see the deck poles because it is covered by the arrangement of the wood panels.

Moreover, the use of this deck skirting is not for hiding the under-the-deck area. But, it tends to offer more privacy for the people at the ground floor.

Deck Skirting with White Lattice Door

Deck Skirting with White Lattice Door

If you are looking for deck lattice ideas for an under-the-deck storage, this lattice idea will suit you very well. The small diagonal pattern of the lattice deck offers you with enough privacy.

In addition, the added door will allow you to access the under-the-deck storage easily. This white vinyl lattice also looks great combined with the white deck railing.

The Deck Lattice Idea for Shorter Decks

Deck Lattice Idea for Shorter Decks

Just because you have a shorter deck, it does not mean that you do not need a deck lattice. The choices of deck lattice ideas for this type of deck are not limited to only one or two ideas. One of them is this square wood lattice.

It looks pretty without stain on it. In addition, this deck lattice is very functional.

Gray Vinyl Deck Lattice

Gray Vinyl Deck Lattice

If you want to have maintenance free deck lattice, you must install this gray vinyl lattice under the deck. A vinyl lattice can stand the weather very well. It will not discolor easily.

Therefore, you do not need to apply a finish on it periodically. In addition, this type of lattice is available in several colors such as white, gray, and brown. Therefore, you can get a matching lattice for your deck.

White Lattice Skirting with a Door

White Lattice Skirting with a Door

Do you want to add the functionality of the space under the deck? If you do, you must add a lattice door on the deck skirting. Therefore, you can keep your belongings safely under the deck. For this purpose, you can choose this deck lattice idea.

This white small diagonal lattice can hide your belongings from the view. As a result, your backyard will look more organized.

A white lattice skirting with a door is common. However, you can make it look a bit different from others. For example, you may install dark gray wood fixture and gray stairs on the deck so that they create a beautiful contrast to the lattice.

Stain Wood Square Lattice

Stain Wood Square Lattice

Having a deck and deck lattice in a matching color may seem too boring for some people. However, if you choose a unique color similar to this deck lattice idea, your deck will be far from boring.

This stain wood lattice has an uneven color and yet it looks elegant and beautiful. In addition, it has square pattern that is not very common.

A Large Diagonal Lattice in Dark Color

Large Diagonal Lattice in Dark Color

Some people may prefer a small diagonal lattice compared to a large diagonal lattice. They think that the small one can hide the space under the deck better than the large one. However, a large diagonal lattice will give you its own advantage.

It offers you with excellent air circulation so that the area under the deck is far from wet and humid.

If you want to get better coverage from this lattice, you can choose a dark grey lattice. The dark color will make the dark space behind the lattice almost invisible.

A Large Diagonal Lattice in Bright Color

Large Diagonal Lattice in Bright Color

This is another large diagonal lattice idea. However, it is in bright color. This deck lattice is perfect for you if you want to add a living area under the deck.

With this lattice idea, the area will get enough sunlight, good air circulation, and privacy. As a result, you will get some comfort when you are in this room.

Black and Bold Deck Lattice

Black and Bold Deck Lattice

If you want to go bold in planning your deck, you can choose this deck lattice idea. It is black and offers you with medium-size square lattice. In addition, the combination of rustic wood frames and black lattice offer you with an unusual look.

Which deck lattice ideas that you will choose? Whichever it is, deck lattice is meant to be functional. However, these days, many people think that certain lattice ideas can enhance the look of the deck.

In consequence, you need to make sure that the deck lattice you choose complement the design of the deck beautifully.

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