7 Daybed Cover with Bolsters to Inspire You

On their own, daybeds are versatile pieces of furniture. But it is daybed cover with bolsters that decide how it will blend with the room, and it decides whether the daybed accentuates the existing décor or becomes the center part of the décor.

That is why getting the right cover and bolsters is important. Want to know your options when it comes to daybed cover and bolsters? Read on, then. Below, we make a list of 7 daybed covers and bolsters to inspire you. 

1. When in Doubt, Go Navy Blue

Navy Blue Daybed

Need a quick solution for your décor? Choose navy blue. Navy blue is one of those colors that work in just about any décor style, indoors or outdoors. 

It is always a good choice, including for daybed cover and bolsters. After all, the color indicates calmness while at the same time, brings modern and classy vibes.

2. Try Neutral

Neutral daybed ideas

Perhaps you want to accentuate the décor and/or showcase your beautiful pillows instead? In that case, going for a gray bed cover and bolsters is a good idea.

Gray is a neutral color. As such, it allows other colors and patterns to stand out more. Notice how the gray cover serves as a background for the pillows.

3. Patterned Daybed Cover with Bolsters

Patterned Daybed Cover with Bolsters

One of the easiest ways to turn a daybed into a centerpiece of a room is by using a patterned cover. Especially one that plays with contrast, and this one here is an excellent example of it.

The black and white patterns turn the daybed into the focal point in the room. The green pillows add interesting cues and keep the décor balanced.

4. Energetic Mustard Yellow

Daybed Mustard Yellow

You want a daybed cover that brings warmth and an energetic vibe to the room. What color should you go for?

The answer is mustard yellow. Notice how the room here becomes more interesting with the mustard yellow daybed cover and bolsters. The color makes the room warmer and more energetic.

5. Colorful Lines

Daybed with Colorful Lines

This one also uses patterns in the form of straight lines. This daybed cover with bolsters, however, does not play with contrast. The colorful patterns turn the daybed into the center of attention. 

It stands out but doesn’t appear like a sore thumb. If your daybed looks bland, a daybed cover like this will make it a lot more interesting.

6. Warm and Inviting

Warm and Inviting Daybed

If your daybed is meant to be a spot for relaxing and welcoming your guest, a light brown daybed cover and bolsters will do wonders.

A light brown cover makes the daybed looks warm and inviting. Not to mention it provides a nice background to showcase your beautiful pillows, too.

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7. Be the Center of Attention

daybed the center of attention

There is nothing wrong with making your daybed the center of attention. And one of the best ways to do it is to use a daybed cover and bolsters with bright colors and patterns.

So, feeling inspired yet? The above are just some examples of daybed cover with bolsters.

When it comes to styling a daybed with cover and bolsters, your options are virtually limitless. Especially so with the number of custom covers for daybeds and bolsters available out there.

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