30 Best Window Trim Ideas, Design and Remodel to Inspire You

Window Trim Ideas – Some people think that windows are one of trivial parts of their houses, so they do not pay any attention to window trims. In fact, window trims can add nuance to your house if you choose and install them properly. Read on to find 30 stylish window trim ideas that will make your house look chic and more exquisite.

Simple White Victorian Window Trim

interior window trim ideas for house

Victorian styles tend to use sophisticated adornments to enhance the interior designs. The sophisticated adornments include baseboard crowns, moldings, wainscoting panels, and even window trims.

These windows look great with the gray-green of the wall. The trims complement the flat wainscoting panels and the baseboards. Although the trims are quite simple, they still manage to make the house steeped in luxury.

To kick the windows up a notch, you can put some small flower pots on the window sill. They will enhance the look of the white window trims very well.

Simple And Sleek Window Trim

window trim ideas contemporary

Choosing appropriate window trims can add nuance to your bedroom. Although it will not add more space, it still does in a pinch by tricking people’s eyes and make them think that your bedroom is spacious enough. And large and flat window trims can do it well.

This window trim suits the color of the wall, making the room look sleek and fabulous. The simple design helps you to spruce up the room very well.

Although it does not provide sophisticated moldings, it can still accentuate the room. The simple design also enables you to install the trim without breaking a sweat. You can even install it by yourself like a pro.

Classic Brown Window Trim

exterior window trim ideas for stucco

If you are really into steampunk styles or classic look, this window trim will be your best bet. The rustic look of the trim provides the classic touch to your house. The distinctive patterns make it conspicuously beautiful. The flowers on the window sill enhnace the look of the window.

You do not need to spend much money to get this unique window. Repurposing wooden antiques that you can get in flea markets will enable you to salt away some money.

If you cannot find any, you can always use the leftover of your previous DIY projects. You can either stain the trim or just leave it that way for the rustic look.

Green And White Window Trim

window sill trim ideas

White is one of the most ubiquitous colors for window trims. Let’s make a breakthrough by adding another color to your window trim to jazz it up. Just like this window trim, the combination of green and white accentuates the window perfectly.

In addition to the colors, another thing that you should take into your consideration is the design. For a small cabin that tends to use very simple design, simple and sleek window trims will be a top-notch choice.

Do not exaggerate the window by installing crown molding for the window trim since sophisticated design does not always fit some styles. Flat trim – despite its simplicity – will look good for this cottage.

Basement Window Trim Idea

interior bay window trim ideas

Finished basement can be used for game room, livingroom, or any other rooms that a house usually has. Since it is used for gathering or just relaxing, it does need a window or two.

You can let the window as it is for a functional usage, but you can also install window trims to take your basement window to the next level.

This white window trim is very simple yet stylish. You do not need to use sophisticated moldings since it will only make the window look overstated. Flat window trims will provide a sleek look which is more suitable for your basement.

Since the window is installed right on the ground level, you may want the window sill to slope down a bit so that the natural lighting can spread throughout the basement.

Window Trim for Modern Houses

baseboard and window trim ideas

Modern houses tend to use simple design with edgy furniture and fixtures. Everything remains simple yet chic. Therefore, flat stock trim is usually installed in modern houses due to its elegance and simplicity.

This window trim is eminently simple, but it still looks fashionable. The dark brown flat stock trim complements the window grilles, sash, sill, and head which were painted gray-green.

In addition to the simple and sleek look, flat stock trim enables you to install it easily because you do not need to install the moldings. You can even include it in your next DIY project and have a nest egg.

Inexpensive Rustic Window Trim

window trim ideas for cabins

Rustic look will never be outdated despite the old and obsolete style. One of the good things of rustic style is the inexpensive materials that you can find in thrift stores or flea markets. Or you can repurpose any old furniture to accentuate the rustic look of your house.

This window trim is extremely inexpensive since the homeowner repurposed the rustic wood planks. The distressed wood planks create classic and stylish look in this mudroom.

To highlight the style, he did not paint the planks. He simply left them that way for the natural obsolete look.

Since there is no molding in the window trim, installing it is merely a breeze. You only need basic skills of carpentry and some materials. But if you find it hard to install, do not hesitate to ask for any assistances.

Monochromatic Window Trim Idea

window trim and casing ideas

Black and white are such versatile colors that you can use in any home styles. They will just look perfect and provide the touch of boldness in your room.

This black window trim complements the white walls and cabinets very well, adding nuance to the kitchen. In addition to the black color, the trim is quite simple with no significant decorations.

The simple color and design make the trim become a nice focal point that balance the white kitchen without overlapping it. It also spruces up the kitchen very well.

White Modern Window Trim

bathroom window trim ideas

This monochromatic room proves that black and white are not dull colors. They can be extremely attractive when applying correctly. Even the white window trim suits the entire room very well.

People usually paint the window trim the color that contrasts with the wall to create clear borders. It will never be a sin to paint the trim the same color as the wall.

These window trims were painted white which are just the same as the wall. The large windows framed with white flat stock trim let the natural light pass through the window and permeate the entire room. The trims make both the windows and the room look more spacious and cleaner.

Simple Beige Window Trim

outside window trim ideas for houses

Soft colors are always pleasing. And so is simple design. But what if you combine soft colors and simple designs to frame your windows? It will be a top-notch combo that refurbishes your house.

Although there is no moulding, this window trim still does its job very well. The flat trim matches the other flat furniture in the room that use convivial color and immaculate shape.

The window trim was painted the same color as the shelves to make it less conspicuous so that it will not overlap the other furniture. It will just complement the furniture, instead.

Wooden Window Trim for Cottages

wood window trim ideas

This cottage looks unique and amazing with the natural stones that are meticulously arranged to cover the wall of the exterior. Since the wall is unique and quite eye-catching, the window trim should only complement it without overlapping it.

This window trim is super simple and easy to install. Again, exaggerated moldings are not required since the wall is unique and exquisite already. Additional decorations will only make the exterior look exaggerating. Flat wooden board will be enough to frame the window.

Glossy Finish Window Trim

wood window trim ideas

Although this window trim is devoid of sophisticated decorations, the natural pattern of the tree – it can be a pine tree – has highlighted the window very well, making the window look like a painting of natural scenery.

Besides being unique, this window trim is eminently easy to install. You only need some pieces of a pine tree, peel it off, and add glossy finish for the eye-catching look. Then, install the pine tree pieces around the window.

Modern Minimalist Window Trim

window trim ideas for cabins

One of the most significant features of modern houses is the use of clear-cut furniture and fixtures for the clean and minimalist look. The interior design is usually devoid of sophisticated decorations. Everything remains simple yet elegant including the window trim.

You will not find any complicated moldings in the window trim just like what you can see in the above picture. The trim is deliberately designed as simple as possible without compromising its stylish look.

The flat stock trim looks very good with the white washed walls, making the interior look sleek without overlapping the natural view. In fact, the simple design and pastel color of the window trim highlight the landscape very well.

Multifunctional Window Trim

door and window trim ideas

Take your window trim to the next level. This window trim is something that you have been looking for, especially if your house does not allow you to organize things properly so that you have to deal with clutter every day. Now, say good bye to clutter because this window trim will help you cope with it.

The window trim has a few moldings that give accent to the window without overwhelming it. The trim also uses raised wainscoting panels to fill the sides of the window. The window sill is widen so that there is enough space for installing a drawer right under the sill.

Bold and Minimalist Window Trim

wood window trim ideas

Just like any other modern houses which use clear-cut and edgy furniture for the immaculate look, this room also does the same thing.

Modern houses usually have large and clear window so that the rooms can get sufficient natural light. In addition to the natural light, the large window also enables you to enjoy the spectacular view.

Since the focal point of the room is the window that provides spectacular landscape, you will want to focus on what you can see through the window, not the window trim. But it does not mean that the trim is dispensable. You only need to avoid installing molded trims that have plenty decorations because it will overlay the landscape.

Make sure the window trim remains simple yet attractive by using dark colors such as dark brown or black. Dark colors will add the touch of boldness to the window without making the “main actor” less attractive.

Super Simple Window Trim

bedroom window trim ideas

An exquisite window trim does not have to be exaggerated with patterns and moldings. A nice window trim should only accentuate the window and highlight its function. Just like this super simple window trim.

The widened window sill is fastidiously designed to bring natural landscape into the room so that you can lounge on it while lingering over the view.

Since the natural landscape is the main thing that needs to be highlighted, the window trim should be as simple as possible so that it just looks like a photo frame that holds a beautiful picture of your backyard.

Victorian Curved Window Trim

window trim ideas contemporary

Brick walls, curved windows, old and elegant at the same time, that is what Victorian style is all about. For the exterior design, the brick walls have added an accent to the house. Therefore, you do not need to add more decorations for the window trim. Flat stock trim will be enough.

The flat and thin window trim only provides clear shape to the window. Although it does not the main character, it can still beautify the appearance of the window. Just make sure to paint it natural colors such as beige, brown, white, or black.

Those are 30 stylish window trim ideas. You may find it difficult to make up your mind since they are all wonderful. Before deciding which trim that you are going to install, you need to know what you want.

If the house is devoided of natural landscape, window trim with moldings can be your best bet. If you want to accentuate the landscape, do not exaggerate the trim.

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