21 Best Image About Wainscoting Styles for Your Next Project!

Installing wainscoting styles on your wainscoting panel is a classy way to make your wall way better than the ordinary plain wall. A boring plain-Jane wall will be more interesting with the stylish trim you add. It also helps against scuffs and scratches.

The most common wainscoting is the shoulder-height one. It brings formality and elegance to your interior. It’s like giving your room a handsome, well-built appearance. It tends to be installed in a rustic dining room.

Wainscoting is available in a variety of panel options, patterns and acrylic. which are ready to fill up any style of decoration.

You can guard your wall in style with wainscoting. Traditionally, It’s made of solid wood but these days wainscoting is also milled from plastic, MDF (medium density fiberboard, and plywood.

If you want to install wainscoting, you have to consider the sensitivity of the room’s proportion.

In general, the wainscoting needs to be either one-third or two-thirds of the whole height of the wall. You can always add a few inches for a more imposing presence you want.

1. Raised Panel Wainscoting Style

Raised Panel wainscoting

This is one of the most common wainscoting styles you found in a lot of houses in the early American days.

Usually, this panel height is in between 30 and 40 inches. You can adjust the height just by adding a center rail. It will create 2 rows of panels.

This wainscoting styles of the panel is a perfect option for your classic house.

Instead of an empty wall, you can have this classy and elegant looks on the wall. The neutral color is still gonna be the highlight of this wainscoting style.

panel wainscoting

Combining it with such windows would make the wainscoting way fancier than the ordinary.

It expresses the stunning view of the night as you can see in the photo. It’s a perfect design for the room that you want to give formality and elegance.

The green color of the walls really deserves to be attached to that elegant styles of wainscoting panel.

I’m sure you will feel cozy and comfortable in this room. Wait until you put your furniture in there and enjoy the room even more comfortable.

2. Beadboard Wainscoting Style

Beadboard wainscoting

Sometimes people get confused whether they want to install a beadboard or wainscoting.

Well, why do people have to confuse when they can choose to have both. I recommend this beadboard wainscoting style for a house that wants to fresh things up.

Beadboard is a combination of clear stiles and rails with a row of narrow wood planks which are arranged vertically.

The narrow planks create a distinctive accent to the wall. It’s always great having a wainscoting in white color.

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With a beadboard paneling, I believe your room will look gorgeous. If you consider remodeling your dining room.

You can start with having this kind of wainscoting for the wall. It adds interests to the room. The whole atmosphere whole completely changed.

As you can see in the picture, the design of the beadboard is quite different with the previous one.

Actually, there’s a few style of beadboard wainscoting you can have for your plain wall. The clean lines will add more elegance to your dining room.

3. Level Panel Wainscoting Styles

level panel wainscoting

This panel is also called as recessed flat panels. It has straightforward, clean lines which are prominent in Arts and Crafts, and Objective designs too. The height is a bit lower than the previous panel.

This simple panel would definitely add impression for the whole wall.

This picture took place in a bedroom. I really love the simplicity that this panel has. It doesn’t take too much attention as a wall accent.

The solid Tosca blue is intoxicating with that bright white wainscoting. The minimalist style seems to be matched with this kind of panel.

flat panel wainscoting

Well, I think this level panel wainscoting style is just not for the bedroom. You can add a classy touch to your other room like this living room.

The soft yellow on the upper wall brings a good energy to the room. Combining the yellow wall with that black furniture and framed arts provide a great accent.

Yellow paint color on the wall is friendly to the kitchen. Having this recessed flat panel in your kitchen with that yellow wall will keep the room’s atmosphere to be in a good mood and energic enough to support your kitchen activity.

4. Board and Batten Wainscoting Style

Board and Batten wainscoting

This wainscoting style of the panel is higher than the other. If you want to have more wainscoting than the wall, this board and batten style is the one to choose. As you can see, this panel looks pretty similar to the flat panel.

Comparing to the flat panel, this wainscoting looks taller and narrower. It gives a more craftsman look to the wall.

The normal height of the wainscoting is about 38 to 42 inches tall, but this high paneling has a height around 48 to 54 inches tall.

boardbatten wainscoting

This wainscoting style is taller than the normal panel. You will have less space on your wall.

Having this tall panel on your wall, you wouldn’t need to add more accent and accessories to the wall. All of the accentuating areas is taken by the board and batten wainscoting.

The design structure of the panel adds impressive looks to your wall. With this wall in my room, I wouldn’t have more space to decorate my wall.

So, I would not recommend this to you who likes to fill up your wall with accessories or other interesting items.

5. Overlay Panel Wainscoting Style

Overlay Panel wainscoting

It’s quite similar to the raised or elevated panel. The difference is that it has a board across the middle that allows you to elaborate the design.

It’s a great combination of modern and classic style. If you are considering this wainscoting style, you better have a modern or classic home style.

On the picture, you can see the panel goes from the floor to the ceiling. It’s using the design of overlay panel.

Installing it in your living room for the wall side of the fireplace is a great way to add a classic touch to your modern house.

chair rail staircase

There’s another kind of overlay panel in wainscoting, it’s called a faux/picture frame wainscoting.

It’s very similar to overlay panel which gives the look of wainscoting just by adding frames. It would be more friendly to your budget and time.

Check out this wainscoting wall, it guides you’re the way down the stairs. This wainscoting is also perfect for your hallway.

It doesn’t have to be installed for the whole room. The hallway is a good start for installing a wainscoting.

6. Soft Neutrals Wainscoting Styles

Soft Neutrals Wainscoting

If you have the wall in wallpaper or such patterned wall, you may wanna paint your wainscoting with soft neutral color.

This wainscoting is in taupe color which helps in highlighting the design without competing for the attention of the eye.

I think this option is not for all wallpaper design. Soft Neutrals would only be helpful with wallpaper pattern in soft hues too.

If your wallpaper is full of color, you need to consider another color, or just go back to the basic white wainscoting.

wall wainscoting

As you can see, soft neutrals would always work with other soft neutral colors. of course, it’s an easy decision to make when dealing with color options.

The upper wall has a gray color and the wainscoting is in taupe color which looks pretty similar to gray.

Taupe is a combination of light brown and soft gray. So, they will always work well together. The white line between the upper and lower parts make an interesting separation to define stunning atmosphere to the whole room.

7. Two-Toned Wainscoting Styles

Two-Toned Wainscoting

Take a look at this light blue wainscoting style. It adds richness and depth to your room. To get this style for your wainscoting is pretty simple, choose the color that contrast and coordinates with the color above.

This light blue wainscoting, for example, the soft blue really pops with that brown wall. That blue color is there to softening and lightening the brown without catching too much attention to the eye.

You have to be clever in choosing the wainscoting color in order to get the perfect contrasting color for the wall.

wainscoting tall painted

Applying color that contrast with the wall is quite a challenge. You have to be smart to decide what color supports that wall colors without even trying to dominate the whole looks.

Well, sometimes it’s not working when your wall is in lighter shades than the wainscoting.

As you can see in the photo, that contrasting beadboard has two colors. The dark blue colors seem to be dominating the look of the whole wall, but thanks to that paintings.

That framed art gives the plain wall a little hope to stand on its own.

8. Wood Tones Wainscoting Style

Wood Tones wainscoting

It’s time for all rustic fans to shine. To fulfill your love of rustic style, these wood tones are perfect for you. For a stylish wooden design interior, you may wanna go with a stain, rather than a paint.

But, if you want to get it more shiny and clean, you can always opt your best wooden color.

For all rustic fans, the stain is highly recommended because it has a richness that shows off the grain of the wood.

This rustic wood tones would lend an elegance to the room. It’s a pleasure to the guest because they will feel welcomed and lived in.

victorian wainscoting

As I said before, you can choose the painted wood tones wainscoting styles in order to get more clean and shiny looks. Check out this Victorian style house. The dark brown wood tones wainscoting is well designed.

The antique concept of the house is so stunning. The common wainscoting would give you a lighter shade of color than the wall.

This one is pretty unique. The wainscoting is in darker shades than the wall. The antique structure and fancy accessories on the wall seem like a completion to this home.

9. Crisp White Wainscoting Styles (Waterproof)

Crisp White wainscoting

There’s nothing better than getting back to the basic. White wainscoting is always gonna be the best choice you can go with wainscoting style.

This crisp white color of wainscoting can be free to play with any color you want, such as that bright red in the picture.

Those impressive red colors look shining around white colors. Like I said, white is the best choice of colors to choose.

Any color could go well with white color. You can see in the most house with wainscoting, they have the wainscoting in white color.

cute bathroom wainscoting

What about this light blue colored wall? Yes, it looks awesome with white colored wainscoting. This picture is a design of a hallway wall to get into the bedroom which has the same paint color on the wall.

The perfection of this combination gives shooting and calming ambiance to the whole hallway into the bedroom. I’m pretty sure, with this color combination of wall painting, you will have comfortable times around the bedroom.

10. Gold Wainscoting Styles

gold wainscoting

The last one is the fanciest or the most luxurious among others. Choosing gold colors are quite unique for wainscoting.

You need to consider a lot of things before choosing this color for your wainscoting. As you know, a gold color is not for everyone.

I may call this gold wainscoting is the alternative option you can choose for your wall. For you who don’t want the starkness of white against your bold-colored wall, you may wanna have this gold wainscoting.

The gold color is warm which is similar to yellow color that’s well known as the color to warm up any room.

best gold wainscoting
Even though I said choosing a gold color to avoid the starkness of white, you can always go with the color that similar to white. I mean, the gold wainscoting also looking good with neutral colors like the gray shade.

So, you don’t have to worry if you already have the gold wainscoting on your wall, you can play with the wall color for the combination.

You can have it bold or soft, it’s according to your view. You can actually manage and plan what your wall’s gonna be.

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