17 Most Popular Bonus Room Ideas, Designs & Styles

Bonus Room Over Garage Ideas – Home owners who own vacant rooms in their house can turn it into something new and exciting.

Bonus room ideas for available space may vary from play room to home theater room. Below are some examples of bonus room ideas you may want to try at home.

The Play Room – Bonus Room

bonus room theater ideas

Do you have kids and unoccupied room in your house? Why don’t you turn it into the kids’ play room?
Parents can put interactive and educative games and play with their children.

Decorating the play room with bright colors and install colorful furniture will give the sense of playful atmosphere.

In the corner of the room, having a comfortable sofa sounds like a good idea. If children get tired of playing, they can rest a bit in the sofa.

Putting on wallpaper according to the children’s liking surely will increase their mood while playing.

The Home Theater – Bonus Room

garage bonus room ideas

Modifying one room into the home theater is one of bonus room idea that suitable for those who love watching movies.

As sometimes people do not have the times to go to the cinema, having the theater room at home is quite a great deal.

What needed is of course a wide-screen television and stacks of DVDs. Install the lightning to make it adjustable for watching movies, arrange the sofa or fluffy chairs and measure the right distance from the television.

As much as you love watching movies, you do not want to damage your eyes, do you? Painting the wall with warm colors such as brown or beige can make the room theater much more cozy and homey.

The Family Gathering Spot – Bonus Room

small bonus room decorating ideas

If you have big extended family, you might want to consider turning one of available large room in your house into family gathering spot.

As it is for family get together, you might want to decorate the room with less equipment to make the room visibly larger. Make sure to have a nice fixture from Vonn Lighting to give the room more ambient light.

Besides, you can put corner sofa in the corner of the room, and add some side or arm chairs. As for the table, you can pick wooden table which is in medium size, not too small and not too big, just sufficient enough to allow you put the snacks and drinks.

On a side note, you can also lay the rugs for kids to sit down and play together.

The Home Gym Ideas – Bonus Room

bonus room lighting ideas

One of bonus room ideas that can be implemented at home is having a private gym. Whether one likes to jog on treadmill, or do yoga, sparing one room for the gym room can be quite a luxury.

Or, if one wants to have an extensive variety of gym equipment, spacious room or basement will do. There are things to remember when converting space for gym room: mirror, flooring, lightning, and perhaps, a television.

Make sure to put a proper mats under the machines so that it won’t damage the floor. Letting in natural lights is necessary, but if you can’t, just make sure to install a proper lighting.

The Home Office – Bonus Room

bonus room home theater ideas

Are you a worker that also do your job at home? Why don’t you create a home office room at home? This bonus room idea is likely to combine your comfort zone plus working zone.

People believe that having a comfortable home office could increase the productivity and efficiency. That will happen if you arrange the home office perfectly and correctly.

One thing that cannot be forgotten when setting the home office is lightning. If you are more of a morning person, be sure that your home office has enough natural lights.

Maybe you can pick a room that has large window to let in the sun light. Yet, if you are a night owl, installing proper lamps has to be done correctly.

Music Room/Studio – Bonus Room

bonus room stair ideas

In these modern times, people who learn variety of music instruments usually have their own music room/studio as their own sanctuary.

On a side note, those who also learn about singing and recording, also have the properties and equipment for practice.

In general, a music room or studio should be sound proof, as sometimes the sound of the music instruments can be loud. A large sofa or side chair usually being put in the room and small table to store the food or drinks.

Piano or grand piano usually sits on the center of the room, and the other instruments like guitar, violin, or cello are put on the side.

Tutoring/Study Hall – Bonus Room

modern bonus room ideas

Be it a student or worker, one may still need a study hall for self. As the name suggest, its purpose is for studying.

Thus, one can imagine how many books that will be present and visible in the room. However, having study hall as a bonus room does not only mean that it has to be full of books.

Rather, if you do not like the presence of scattered book, you can buy a desk that has many drawers and put the books into it. This leave empty space on the desk surface and it can be used for laptop or PC.

A comfortable chair is a must, and do not forget to adjust the height of the chair so it does not make you to hunch your back too much.

Cool Bonus Room Ideas

bonus room cabinet ideas

This bonus room idea can be said as a multi-purpose room. It can be used as play room, family lounge, or simply place to chill out with family and friends. You can decorate this room as you wish.

You may mix colorful wall painting or putting games or toys in the corner. Arm chair is perhaps the best choice that suits the atmosphere.

To make things even more comfortable, you may add television and small refrigerator. Dim lights can make the atmosphere even cozier, homey, and comfortable.

Rustic Bonus Room Ideas

above the garage bonus room ideas

Attic area at home is often considered as an unused area, for its humidity during summer and chilly during winter. However, there are many home-owners who are able to transform the plain attic into an attractive room.

It can be friendly living room or simply family room. It can also be turned into play room. This idea emphasizes on the size of the room and the play of the furniture.

If you want an elegant and classy room, you may want to put contrast-colored furniture like black and white. If you are going for playful theme, you can put sofa, arm chairs, table, and television and play with different colors.

Attic Area Idea – Bonus Room

bonus room wet bar ideas

There are lots of bonus room ideas that can be installed at the attic. It varies from living room, family room, home bar, gym room, reading corner, to bathroom.

All the options are possible if you invest and design it correctly and properly.

The needs of turning an attic room into a new room is based on the mutual agreement between family members.

If a family already has living room or family room downstairs, turning an attic into attic bathroom or reading corner is great idea.

It does not have to be grand or luxurious, but enough to make you feel at ease and experience a different yet enjoyable atmosphere.

Decorating Bonus Room Ideas

creative bonus room ideas

Decorating a bonus room may come in various and different aspects. For example, one does not want to hang pictures on the wall instead, he or she puts the wallpaper.

Another example, a couple wants to keep the room classy and homey, so they decide to bring in red sofa and round table as well as squishy cushions.

In decorating kids’ room, the parents paint the wall with three different colors and store story books and games in the corner of the room. All of the ideas can be executed based on the theme of the rooms.

Tiny Bonus Room Ideas

bonus room ideas houzz

If you have a tiny room at home, you may want to consider turning it into either a small library, a coffee corner, or a small lounge. Like any other room ideas, tiny room can be turned into a comfortable spot.

For example, you are an avid reader, and decide to make a small library using the tiny room. Then, you can fix a book shelves right to the wall and lay carpet or rugs on the floor.

Bonus Room Ideas for Kids

bonus room lighting ideas

Bonus room ideas for kids can be bedroom, play room, or study room. You can even mix all three into one set of kid’s room.

Putting television may be okay for teenage kids but not those who are under 12. So, it is wise option to put away the television and give something else like whiteboard or magnet board.

It will be different if the bonus room for kids is to give the kids a space to play with family or friends then having television is not a bad idea. Yet, of course parents has to supervise the content of the television.

Various story books and board games, and large table and chair set will be perfect for the kids to sit down and share stories with their friends.

Bonus Room Ideas Pictures

above the garage bonus room ideas

Do you want to transform your vacant room into something new but you are stuck at the moment? If that is the case, you may want to look up at memorabledecor.com.

You can find the decoration sample for bathroom, kitchen, or living room. As the website offers you a lot of sample pictures, you can easily choose one and re-interpret the design into your home.

You may also re-organize the materials at home and come with total new ideas.

Bonus Room Design Ideas

bonus room layout drafts ideas

You can find designs and ideas in using skylights for your home.

Using skylights designs in bonus room seems to be a whole new experience because not every house owner dares to implement such thing at their house.

Installing skylights at bedroom can make thing romantics as you stare into the darkness and counting the stars.

In living room, you can easily enjoy the talk with family and with the help of the skylight, you can feel the warmth radiating into the room.


Bonus room ideas give people the idea of modifying room based on the availability and need. Rather than keeping out a room that has no use, maybe it is best to transform any empty room into a useful one.

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