7 Genius Basement Storage Ideas

Basement Storage Ideas – Having a basement in your house is something great. Basement is used to organize many things, and it’s another versatile space.

If you think it doesn’t fit for garage, you can make it a storeroom. Here are some basement storage ideas to beautify and optimize the space.

Best Basement Storage Ideas

1. Wooden shelves

Wooden shelves for basement

The perfect storage for your basement is the wooden shelves. The shelves are made from wooden with paintable plywood, so it brightens the space.

This kind of storage is a good choice if you have many things to store. It saves space and makes the items look organized.

However, this kind of basement storage ideas also has a big challenge. If your basement is humid, the wooden shelves may not last long.

Some termites will build an empire in your basement. So, make sure that your space is safe unless you paint the shelves with anti-termite first.

2. Box containers

basement storage design

Another good choice for your basement storage is box containers. This one helps you to separate many kinds of items.

A plastic box is an ideal choice since it lasts longer than any other material. At the market, it’s found easily and cheap. You can be more creative with this DIY idea.

3. Portable cabinet

diy basement storage

Having some metal cabinets in your basement may help you to protect the stuff. The metal material is more vulnerable.

The portable ones come with some wheels, so it eases you to move the cabinet here and there. At a glance, they look like versatile closets to store things.

4. Closet style


basement storage ideas

Some houses have hidden closets in the basement. The owner sometimes doesn’t know how to make it useful since it does exist with doors.

If you have one, you can make it as storage. The hidden closet makes your basement look tidy and brighter.

5. Rack storage

Rack storage ideas

This type of storage is perfect for the unfinished basement. The space still looks messy, but the rack helps the space to store some items so they won’t be scattered on the floor.

The rack is made from metallic, so it’s easier to clean. Somehow, it’s completed with the wheels to make it portable.

6. Wall shelves

Wall shelves storage

When you have the finished basement, time to organize the space so it can be an interesting place at your home. You might make it as another garage.

The wall shelves are potential storage to hang some items. Metal shelves can hold better than wooden or plywood.

What can you store on the wall shelves? If you love cycling or touring using the motorbike, the storage in your basement can be the place to put the helmet, even the cycle.

Other items that you can store such hammers, jars, and other sports equipment.

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7. Pegboard storage

Pegboard storage for basement

Another solution to store the items in the basement is using pegboard storage. This storage is hung on the wall and is great to place some small tools.

The installation is easy as long as your basement wall isn’t made from material like plywood.

Those basement storage ideas above are the option for a finished or unfinished basement.

Since the space is used to store a wide range of items, you might have more than one kind of storage. Consider the storage that fits your house concept.

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