7 Awesome Lego Storage Ideas

Lego Storage Ideas – Lego is undoubtedly a very interesting game for kids, even adults. It’s a fun game where you need to arrange each lego to build a certain shape.

However, lego can create a mess if you don’t store it properly. Here are some lego storage ideas to ease you collect each lego.

Best Lego Storage Ideas

1. Lego table

Lego table

Having a lego table in your house might be a great idea. Lego table is mostly designed not only to play the lego, but also the storage.

The top of the desk is a play deck for kids. At the same time, the bottom part is a place to put some portable storage which you can use to store all your lego.

This table is sold in furniture shops like IKEA. Usually, the buyers are lego enthusiasts that think having this table is a must for the playroom.

If you are too lazy to put the lego on the storage under the table, you can let them on the deck as a mini-game arena to display in your room.

2. Lego brick storage

Lego brick storage

This lego storage ideas is a perfect one for you who want to separate each lego by color. The brick storage is sold as a set with different kinds of colors.

Thus, the shape of the container is cute since it’s the lego itself. You can arrange the bricks just like you arrange the lego.

3. Lego drawer

Lego drawer

Do you have a drawer in your playroom? Maximize its function by putting the lego inside the drawers.

Besides, it’s inexpensive; the drawer also has a box with compartments. Each space can be used to separate the lego based on its color or shape.

4. Lego wall-shelves

Lego wall-shelves

Displaying the lego in your room is an awesome idea. What’s more, the lego had been arranged into the actual shape.

You can do the DIY or have the built sets of lego shelves. It is just the arrangement on the wall. Adjust the size of each part by the size of the lego shape itself.

5. Lego box-shelves 

Lego box-shelves

If you think that the shelves work wonders in your room for displaying the lego, go ahead. This choice is great for you.

However, make sure that the space in your room is enough to have the shelves. The style of the containers is good for adults cause it’s for display purposes rather than storage.

6. Lego suitcase

Lego suitcase

If your collection isn’t that much, you can try the lego suitcase. There are several models sold at the lego store.

But, you can hack your own suitcase to put the collection inside. The suitcase also has some compartments that you can use to separate by shape or color.

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7. Stackable storage

Stackable storage

This idea works well if you don’t want to buy any other storage for your lego. The stackable storage precisely minimizes the space in your room.

Choose the transparent one, so you can easily look at the color. The more collections you have, the more storage you need.

Lego storage ideas above are the solution to make your room neat. The small shape of lego can mess your room, especially when you just put them everywhere.

Storage helps you to gather the lego, so once you want to play with them, they are easier to find.

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