7 Girls Bathroom Ideas for Girls with Different Tastes

Remodeling a girl’s bathroom can get complicated, especially if you have no idea what your girls want. Fortunately, you can find some wonderful girls bathroom ideas down here that will help you provide not only the most beautiful bathroom but also the one that your girl would love so much.

Whether you are looking for a bathroom idea for your one and only daughter or an idea for a shared bathroom, these ideas are going to impress every single daughter of yours.

Stunning Girls Bathroom Ideas

Cute Bathroom with Tie Back Curtain

Best girl bathroom design

One easy way to create a cute bathroom for girls is by involving curtains.

Instead of using a pink curtain or curtain with a girly pattern, hiding the wet area with white curtain is the best way to make it look elegant. Use something feminine to tie back the curtain.

Fresh Bathroom with Living Plants

Bathroom with Living Plants

If your little girl knows how to keep her plants alive, placing some small living plants inside her bathroom would be an excellent idea.

Pick some plants that require low maintenance. When those fresh plants meet the floral painting and trees patterned towel, the girl’s bathroom will feel more alive.

Adorable Vintage Bathroom

Adorable Vintage Bathroom Ideas

The third of our inspiring girls bathroom ideas is involving the golden frames, some antique furniture, and unique wall sconces.

If those vintage styled things are placed in a girl’s bathroom with white on the walls, floor, and ceiling, the combination will create a luxury look for your daughter’s bathroom.

Colorful Bathroom Idea for Shared Bathroom

girls bathroom ideas

This idea is a genius idea especially if you have more than one girl and they must share one bathroom but they all have different color tastes.

Combine your girls’ favorite colors together in the shower curtain and storage baskets so that everyone would be happy to use the bathroom.

Decorative Bathroom Ornaments

Decorative Bathroom Ornaments

Girls love something unique and special, even for their bathroom. Covering bathroom walls with her favorite wallpaper would be great.

But add something else that is also unique such as these pink and white pendant lamps. She will definitely enjoy her relaxing moment in the bathtub after her tiring day.

Elegant Girls Bathroom Ideas

Elegant Girls Bathroom Ideas

Purple is one of colors that will create an elegant look to your girl’s bathroom. But for younger girls, purple may look too old.

Pick purple in pastel shade that will match your little girl. Combine pastel purple with some touches of gold and white. Don’t forget the cute ornaments.

Princess Styled Bathroom Idea for Girls

Princess Styled Bathroom Ideas

Many girls love Disney’s Princesses. If your girl is one of them, a Disney themed bathroom with portraits of her favorite Disney’s Princesses will be awesome.

Gold faucet for sink and bathtub, soft pink dressing table, and yellow framed round mirror will create a wonderful combination for a girl’s bathroom.

The seven girls bathroom ideas above belong to girls with different tastes.

Make sure you pick the best idea that matches your girl’s desire so that she’ll appreciate her new bathroom. Start remodeling your girl’s bathroom right now.

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