11 Best Deck Seating Ideas to Make Yours a Destination

Deck Seating Ideas – Having a built-in deck seating offers you with some advantages. One of them is that you do not need to store this built-in furniture in the winter.

It tends to be more weatherproof. In addition, a built-in deck seating offers you with more seating options. This built-in furniture also offers beauty to your deck.

Check these built in deck seating ideas if you want to know how interesting this furniture is.

Comfortable and Multi-Purpose Deck Seating Idea

Deck Seating Ideas

When it comes to picking the right deck seating idea, you need to consider many things. One of them is comfort. Having a comfortable seating will allow you to have better time outdoors.

There are various deck seating ideas that offer you with comfort. One of them is this dark brown built-in seating idea.

This L-shape deck seating has a built-in planter as its back. Moreover, it is equipped with comfortable bench cushions and many throw pillows.

You can use this seating for several purposes. If you add a coffee table in front of this built-in furniture, you will be able to enjoy some coffee or tea on the deck.

However, if you add a dining table in front of it, you will be able to enjoy a great dinner under the stars.

Thanks to the small built-in tables between the benches, you can create a dining area and seating area along this deck seating.

In order to make the deck more attractive, you need to add pale furniture to match the bench cushion and green throw pillows.

Minimalist Concrete Deck Seating Idea

Minimalist Deck Seating Idea

If you want to have a modern look on your deck, this minimalist concrete deck seating will be a good option for you. This L-shape bench is very simple.

However, the combination of gray concrete and dark brown wood planks create an elegant element to this deck.

Moreover, the white and pale gray throw pillows make this deck seating more inviting. In order to make this deck look fresh and green, you can have a built-in planter at the back of the bench.

Grow some flowering plants in the planter and you do not need to decorate the deck with fresh flowers.

Built-In Seating Idea for a Multi-Level Deck

multi level deck ideas

This beautiful multi-level deck requires different deck seating ideas compared to a single-level deck. To save some space on the lower deck, a built-in bench is installed along the railing of the higher deck.

In the middle of this built-in deck seating, a stone fire pit will make keep you warm and comfortable at night.

This deck seating may not have a bench cushion on its top.

However, the colorful throw pillows add a touch of comfort on it. Moreover, the flowering plants on the built-in planters make this built-in furniture look more beautiful.

Deck Seating Idea for a Small Deck

Best Small Deck Ideas

Arranging outdoor furniture on a small deck can be very tricky. However, your small deck will get some advantages from this L-shape deck seating.

If you have this compact built-in bench, your deck will look more spacious. You only need to add a table, some throw pillows, and maybe a couple of chairs to make the deck more functional.

Curved Seating Deck around a Fire Pit

Curved Seating Deck Ideas

This redwood deck is a great place to have fun at night. With the curved seating deck and a circular fire pit in front of it, you can have a great time with family or friends without worrying about the night cold air.

Meanwhile, some throw pillows and proper lights will add more comfort to this bench at night.

Storage Seating Deck Idea

Storage Seating Deck Design

Some people do not bother to think about having a storage seating deck. However, this multi-function bench will give you some benefits.

With this bench, you can make your deck looks more organized.

In addition, you can store some throw pillows and blankets inside the storage when they are not used. Therefore, the pillows and blankets will not discolor under the glaring sun.

Redwood U-Shape Seating Deck Idea

U-Shape Seating Concept

This is another seating deck idea that is perfect for a small deck. Its imperfect U-shape adds a unique look on your deck.

In addition, its stain is also attractive. On the other hand, the combination of backless bench and bench with back in a construction offers more seating options for you and your guests.

Railing Deck Seating Idea

Railing Deck Seating

In order to have more seating options on your small deck, you can choose a railing bench to enclose the deck. This multi-function bench allows you to save some space.

When you are installing the railing bench, you can choose to utilize it only on one side of the deck or the whole side of the deck. Whichever you choose, you need to consider your need of seating options.

Comfortable U-Shape Deck Seating Idea

U-Shape Deck Seating Desing

If comfort is your first priority in choosing a built-in deck seating idea, then this comfortable U-shape bench will be a great choice for you.

The bench cushion, back cushion, and throw pillows on this furniture are very inviting. In addition, the fire pit in front of the bench makes this space a perfect deck for night entertainment outdoors.

Swing Deck Seating Idea

Swing Deck Seating Ideas

When you are planning to install a deck seating, your option is not limited to a built-in bench. But, you can opt for a swing deck seating too.

This built-in furniture is perfect for an outdoor relaxation. In addition, it is unique and attractive.

However, you need to make sure that your deck structure is strong enough to hold the swing before you have it installed.

A Gorgeous Beige Deck with Railing Benches

Deck seating ideas

It turns out that railing benches are not only for small decks. Large decks also look great with this particular bench. This gorgeous beige deck looks more spacious with the beige railing benches.

In addition, these benches allow you to enjoy the beauty of your backyard freely because of their lower height compared to common railings.

When you are adopting one of those deck seating ideas, you must not only consider your comfort. However, you also need to consider the size of your deck.

In addition, you need to make sure that you store the throw pillows and bench cushions on rainy days and during the winter.

As an alternative, you can add a deck roof to protect them and other furniture pieces from the harsh weather.

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