Protect Your Deck with These Deck Stain Ideas

As an outdoor living area, a deck will likely discolor because of the UV rays. Moreover, it will also suffer from damage because of the rainwater and dew. To avoid it, you need to stain your deck because it can protect the deck from UV rays and rainwater. Before you apply the stain, it is better for you to check some deck stain ideas.

The best deck stain idea will give a nice look to your deck. In addition, you also need to choose the right type of stain. Some wood stain products are transparent.

Meanwhile, there are also semi-transparent and solid color stains to choose. Both of them are available in several colors as you will see in these deck stain ideas.

Dark Brown Deck Stain

Dark Brown Deck Stain Ideas

If you need a deck color that matches most furniture color, you need to consider applying this natural brown deck stain.

Some people may think that there is nothing special about this deck stain.

However, if you add some bright colored furniture on it, you will see that your deck looks special. If you want to make it looks more outstanding, you can install white railings.

A Weathered Deck Look

awesome deck design

Many people are not happy when they have discolored deck caused by the weather. If you suffer from the same problem, you can transform it into a beautiful weathered deck.

All you need to do are sanding the surface of the deck and applying a new stain. If you want to maintain the weathered look, you can opt for a clear stain.

However, you can also choose other stain colors. In order to maintain the quality of the deck, you must re-stain your deck periodically.

If you are too late in doing it, you may not be able to restore the beauty of your deck.

A Golden Honey Deck with White Railings

Golden Honey Deck Ideas

If you are looking for unusual deck stain ideas, you can pick this deck stain combination. The golden honey deck looks attractive combined with the white railing.

To furnish this deck, you had better choose dark furniture pieces. Therefore, your deck will have a more attractive look.

Eye-Catching Redwood Deck Stain

Redwood Deck Stain Design

When it comes to staining deck, many people tend to choose a stain color that matches their personality. Bold stain color usually means that the owner of the deck has a strong character.

If you want to show your strong character too, you can choose this eye-catching redwood deck stain.

This red deck stain is very attractive. In addition, it has a beautiful gloss finish. Therefore, your deck will have an elegant and luxurious look.

To match this red deck, you can install black and white railings. Meanwhile, the right furniture for this desk is ones in neutral light color.

Beige and Coffee

Best deck ideas

Some people think that having two-tone deck is more interesting than having the monotone one. If you are interested to two-tone deck stain ideas, you can adopt this beige and coffee colored stain deck idea.

The staining concept of this outdoor living space is simple. However, it does not make the deck look less attractive.

In furnishing this deck, you can arrange dark furniture on the beige colored area and bright furniture on the coffee colored area.

In addition, the railing colored must contrast with the color of the deck area.

A Gray Deck Stain Idea

Gray Deck Stain Concept

Many people have their deck in natural wood colors. However, if you want to be different from the others, you may adopt this deck idea.

The gray stain on this deck offers you with a unique look on your deck and the whole backyard.

To gain this deck color, you need to choose solid color stain. This type of stain gives full coverage to the wood planks.

However, if you choose solid color stain, you will not be able to see the natural grain of the wood. In addition, it is better for a covered deck because prolonged weather exposure can cause the stain to peel off.

A Black and White Deck

Black and White Deck Stain

Matchmaking the color of the deck stain, railings, and furniture may take lots of your time since it must be done with various considerations.

If you do not have much time to do it, you may adopt this black and white deck idea. The black deck stain creates an attractive look and the white railings offer a beautiful contrast.

When you have this particular deck, you do not need to worry about the color of the outdoor furniture. The black deck goes well with any color.

Therefore, you can furnish it with any furniture you want and no need to be afraid of having the wrong furniture color.

A Unique Blue Deck

Unique Blue Deck Stain

Is blue your favorite color? If it is, this unique blue deck idea is worth your consideration.

It is very eye-catching and interesting that people will surely pay more attention on it. Therefore, this deck is a perfect spot to entertain family and friends outdoors.

A Beautiful Two-Tone Deck Stain Idea

Beautiful Two-Tone Deck Design

This is another two-tone deck stain idea that you can choose. The stain colors choices of this deck is beautiful and elegant.

In order to create this deck you need two stains in which one of them is a shade darker than the other is. The darker stain must be applied on the lining of the deck.

Meanwhile the brighter one is for the inner area. For best result, you can choose deck furniture that has similar color to the darker deck stain.

In addition, you can brighten up this deck by arranging colorful cushions.

Two-Tone Deck Stain for Multi-Level Deck

Deck Stain for Multi-Level Deck Idea

Do you have a multi-level deck? If you do, you can stain it in this two-tone deck idea. The upper deck has a brighter stain while the lower deck has a darker stain.

In addition, the brighter deck stain is also applied on the lining of the deck and railings. It is a perfect deck for you who love to entertain guest outdoors.

Applying one of those deck stain ideas will surely make your deck look more attractive. You can apply the deck stain on your own if you want to.

However, if you never tried applying this kind of finish, you had better to hire professionals. Therefore, you will get better result.

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