7 Best Corner Desk Setup That Are Easy to Make

If you want to be productive, a good workspace is a must. The problem is, what if there is no space available in the house except the corners? Making a corner desk setup can be tricky.

Don’t worry, though. We are here to help. We listed 7 ideas to give you inspiration about making use of the corner.

Now, you might ask why you should make a setup in a corner. First and foremost, by making a setup in a corner, you make the most of unused space.

This also frees up other space you can use for other purposes. Second, with the right adjustment, you get a large working space. Third, adjustment is easy.

1. L-shaped Desk with Legs

L-shaped Desk Setup

This L-shaped corner desk is straight to the point: it gives you a platform to work on. You can put everything on the table, literally.

The only downside is that there is no additional storage on the setup. But if you don’t need much storage, that shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Floating L-shaped Desk

Floating L-shaped Desk Setup

The presence of table legs can hinder you from moving freely. If you want to move freely, then a floating corner desk setup is what you want.

Since the desk is mounted on the wall, legs are unnecessary. Notice how clean and clutter-free the floating desk is.

3. Compact and Minimal

Compact and Minimal Corner desk setup

Everyone’s needs are different. Not everyone needs a full-size workspace. Sometimes, all you need is a floating desk that occupies the corner like this.

It doesn’t offer much storage but it does get the job done. If a single PC is all you need, this desk is a good option.

4. Small Corner Desk Setup

Small Corner Desk ideas

This one is also small but it is more complete as a workspace. Notice how this desk has enough room for working related items.

Not only it is functional, but the desk is aesthetical as well. The white color makes it look clean, sophisticated, and tidy. It looks very inviting.

5. Use the Walls

best corner desk design

Of all the setups on the list, this setup makes use the most of the walls. Look how the desk doesn’t even have legs. One side is supported by a drawer, one side is mounted on the wall. Notice the shelves above as well.

6. Modern and Minimalist

Modern corner desk setup

This setup is perfect for those who want a distraction-free workspace. The setup style is sleek, modern, and minimalist.

Everything is functional and no space is wasted. The emptiness underneath the desk makes the space feels open, despite the setup’s small size. The colors are warm and inviting.

7. All Wooden

Wooden corner desk setup

The last one is a full wooden desktop setup. This one is unique because it is, well, entirely made up of wooden. There is enough storage for just about work-related needs.

Notice that despite its large size, the desk has ample legroom, providing comfort for hours of working.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can utilize the corner and make a corner desk setup.

Which desk setup do you think fits you the most? Or perhaps you have ideas on your own? Whichever that may be, we hope that suits your needs and your style best.

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