7 Creative DIY Standing Desk Ideas for Upcoming Woodworking Projects

A lot of sitting can cause a number of health problems. It makes no surprise that more and more people switch to standing desk to support their healthy lifestyle. If you are interested to install standing desk but don’t want to spend a lot of money, DIY standing desk can be the best alternative. You can build a fancy and personalized desk that allows you to work healthily.

Plenty of ideas and tutorials are scattered on the internet and you can choose whichever you want. But if many choices make you overwhelmed, you might be interested to check out the shortlisted standing desk ideas that are super easy to make.

Even your basic woodworking skills can handle these projects. Get prepared!

Adjustable Standing Desk with Compartment

diy standing desk

Standing desk with adjustable legs can be the best option to support your work. Whether you want to stand up or sit down, this desk can accommodate your need.

Simply adjust the desk height and you are ready to go. Coming with underneath compartment, this desk makes your workstation organized.

Glossy Desk with Angled Legs

Glossy Desk Ideas

This standing desk is a fancy as well as functional furniture piece to complement your home office. Designed with angled legs, this glossy desk is non-adjustable but remains adorable to support your healthy lifestyle. Plus, it has a tablet holder for a better worktime.

Industrial Pipe Standing Desk

Industrial Pipe Desk

Complement your industrial-style home office with this pipe standing desk. The thick wood top is supported by industrial pipes to ensure its sturdiness.

Leave the wood top unfinished to accentuate the industrial nuance. Whenever you need to sit, bar stools will be needed.

Niche-Friendly Floating Desk

floating desk ideas

Decorating small space can be challenging, but it is not impossible. If you need a standing desk but don’t have sufficient space, this floating desk idea suits you best.

The corner desk is durable enough to hold a computer screen while other devices can be moved to the floor.

Tabletop Standing Desk

diy standing desk

If you already have a standard desk but need a standing one, this tabletop standing desk works well for you. The portable desk can sit nicely on your table, allowing you to choose between sit or stand while working. This fancy desk is easy to make even for beginners.

Maximize Space with Floating Desk

Maximize Space

If you need an ample standing desk but don’t want to sacrifice the whole space, this wall-mounted desk is a great option.

This desk is super easy to make, not to mention it offers visual interest to your workspace. Use the floor for other purpose to save a lot of space.

Small Standing Desk with Adjustable Support

Small Standing Desk Ideas

This standing desk may require more woodworking skills but it can be accomplished within a few hours. The pedestal desk is portable and space-friendly, allowing you to work from anywhere. It comes with two tiers, one for your laptop and another one for keyboard and mouse.

So, which standing desk would you like to make? It is a good time to switch to a healthy lifestyle and it can be started from the desk. Make your own standing desk and work with style!

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