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14 Best Deck Planter Ideas To Inspire Your Garden Transformation

The planter on the deck has a very important role. A boring look can turn out to be beautiful and comfortable. If the backyard or deck area doesn’t have a natural shade like a tree, deck planter ideas will be the perfect inspiration. The addition of a planter is much more economical and easier to build a cool atmosphere on the patio.

Some Creative Deck Planter Ideas

Deck Railing Planter

Deck Railing Planter

Decorating the deck with various small flowers makes the deck look attractive. The colors of the flowers give their own color.

You can plant it in a planter that is placed on the railing on the deck. Especially if the railing on the deck appears with wooden or metal slates.

A suitable plant is a variety of flowers that grow like a shrub. It’s easier to maintain than any other kind of planters.

A bench in Between

A bench in Between

An empty deck corner should be given furniture like a bench that follows the curve of the deck. The bench is also made of the same wood as the deck.

Each side of the bench is made of a planter box which is the same height as the bench. You can plant a medium sized plant or a flower plant with lush leaves.

But surely, the soil in it must be maintained to not make the bench dirty.

Stone Planter Box

Stone Planter Box

Planters can be made using stone structures. The shape is similar to a box then the plant is a small shrub. To make it look aesthetically pleasing, the planter is more suitable if it is filled with small white stones.

This type of planter is suitable if the deck has a large size. You can also attach the bench to the planter for better function.

Hanging on The Railing

Hanging on The Railing

Don’t let the railings on your deck look empty. You can make a small shelf with several holes. The hole will later become a place to support several pots.

Besides flower plants, you can also plant any other plants like ginger or lemongrass. Instead of using a poly bag, putting up the deck planter ideas is better.

Full of Pots Deck

Full of Pots Deck

The most ideal planter for a deck with a regular shape without railing is a pot. A large deck will look better when there are many pots on it.

The type of pot can be adjusted according to the strength of the deck, from plastic, wood, or ceramic. The pots are generally placed on the edge of the deck so they don’t get in the way of other furniture.

The Left-over Decks

Amazing deck planter ideas

The rest of the wooden deck that is not used should not be thrown away. Use it to make small boxes for planters that are placed on or around the deck.

Planters provide a countryside effect on your deck. Various small and medium sized plants are suitable for this planter. Plant several types of plants in one box to make them look colorful.

Multi Boxes Planter

Multi Boxes Planter

Although the main function of a deck is generally as a patio, there are other functions that you can imitate. The deck can be used as a small green garden.

The wide deck can be built by several planters which are also made of timber. Use plants that are aesthetic or leafy but cannot grow taller. The deck will be cool with this kind of garden.

High Box Planter

High Box Planter

It doesn’t matter if the deck isn’t surrounded by railings. You can build a tall planter as a substitute. The planter is made of slate piles that are made slender.

Place tall grass plants if you want the deck for privacy. However, you need to frequently care for grass-type plants so they don’t run wild.

Semi Table Planter

Semi Table Planter

A large planter can also switch functions as a coffee table. Make a planter with the same pattern as the deck, then place it at the end.

This one idea is suitable if the deck size is mini, but you want a greeny nuance and multiple functions. The upper frame of the planter can be used to put glasses or snacks while you are relaxing.

Multilevel Planter

Multilevel Planter

One of the ideas for making a unique planter is to make it look multilevel. There are many decks arranged to resemble steps.

It would be better if the position is side by side with the steps on the deck. Apart from the green nuances, the plants will make the deck feel more noticeable and nice to look at.

Behind The Bench

Behind The Bench

Your patio may have a large sitting area. You can make a slim planter on the back of the bench. Planters are suitable for small or tall plant types and pinnate leaves.

The greeny deck is everyone’s dream to spend the me-time. Add ornaments with green colors such as cushions sitting on a bench.

Cedar Block

Great deck planter ideas

Cedar block for deck planter is suitable to be placed in the corner of the deck, especially if there are railings. The shape is angled like a letter L with the addition of a smaller block at the elbows.

You can plant more than two plants in a planter with this one. The planter is also easy to move to another corner if you want a new feel on the patio.

Hanging Planter

Awesome deck planter ideas

Limited space is not an obstacle to bringing plants to the deck. You can add a hanging planter with a multilevel design.

Besides being unique, this small planter will be a beautiful decoration for any wall. Try growing succulents so they are easy to care for, cheap and not heavy to be hung.

Ceramic Planter

Best deck planter ideas

The addition of a ceramic planter to the deck makes the deck concept luxurious. But before you use a ceramic planter, make sure that the deck has good resistance, especially the floating deck type.

Ceramics have a shiny color and are durable. The more luxurious the deck, use ceramics with certain patterns to balance the concept.

Some deck planter ideas are perfect for patios that don’t have a lot of furniture. You can still take care of your plants even if the backyard is not large.

Start looking for your favorite plants to plant on the planter. Adjust the planter to the changing seasons so you don’t get bored.

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