Decorating A House with Small Simple Steps – 5 Ideas You’ll Love!

Purchasing a house and moving into your very own place can be an exciting experience. You’re likely bursting with new ideas and thinking of all the things you can do without having to worry about the typical restrictions that come with rental homes.

But, if six months down the line, you’re still looking at the blank walls, clueless about how to get started, know that you’re not alone.

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin is more common than you think. Read ahead for some practical tips to help you get started in the right direction.

1. Accept that Decorating is a Lifelong Project

A home reflects the milestones of your life, such as the time when you first met your partner, dating, vacations, a fabulous wedding, kids, and pets.

Think about decorating as a showcase of how your life evolves. Putting up a custom home painting of the place where you lived previously is a great starting point.

The portrait can mark the beginning of your journey as a homeowner. Adorning your home is never a one-time event but a process that builds character with happy memories over time.

Accept that you’ll continue making changes over the years as your family’s needs grow. Even if you don’t like some decor elements, you can always change things around. 

2. Take Small Steps 

Looking at the blank canvas of the house is exciting, but when you’re calculating the time and money you’ll invest, it can seem super overwhelming.

For starters, accept that you cannot get all of this done in a week. Decorating and infusing your personality into the place is an extended project, which can be done in small stages over the years.

Start working on one room at a time. Better yet, start on the laundry or mudroom. Or even the small area which you’ll segregate for the pets. Set up a lovely bed and blanket with water and food bowls.

You could hang up pet portraits and toys to make the spaces feel secure and inviting for the furry bud.

3. Focus on the Functionality of Each Room

Work out how to use each room, and decorating ideas will follow through. Accept that there will be differences in opinions, likes, and dislikes with your partner.

You’ll figure out a middle ground with ideas to keep everyone happy. Would you like to start with the family room? You’ll need to set up the television, a recliner or two, and a set of couches.

If you’ll have kids and pets playing around, invest in sturdy furniture with upholstery resistant to spills, staining, and scratching from sharp claws.

Get some deep pour resin and use it to create a protective and decorative layer on table surfaces. Epoxy resin is an incredibly versatile material and can also be used to create gorgeous pieces that will liven up your decor. 

4. Work Out the Ambiance of the Room

Working out the feel and ambiance of each room is another starting point. Do you want it to have an elegant look for entertaining?

Or, would you like cheery, inspirational spaces for working from home? Do you need a nice backdrop for Zoom meetings?

Or, say soothing tones for relaxation? Once you have that sorted, other aspects, such as the paint scheme, furniture, lamps, chandelier, antiques, and wall artwork, can all fall into place.

Remember to add personal touches like baby pictures, family portraits, toddler artwork, palm-print turkey figures, and the other treasures your family will cherish for years to come. 

5. Pick Out a Focal Point

Casting around for ideas from Instagram and Pinterest and still coming up blank? Choose one focal element that you absolutely love and work around it.

For instance, you might have found a fantastic set of tiles perfect for the kitchen backsplash. Once you set the tone and theme for the decor, you can match the cabinets, counter, and appliances.

Let’s try another? You find this gorgeous vintage dresser with intricate carving and brass handles.

Your bedroom’s color scheme and other decor elements can be easily designed around it. Alternatively, you can add one ornate piece and offset it with avant-garde pieces for a perfect foil. 

Before we sign off, here are a few more quick tips. Don’t stress about how the decor comes across to visitors and friends.

If you like the design and layout, simply go with it. Also, you don’t need to invest a lot of money in one go. Create a budget and take your time scouring catalogs and stores to find the right pieces with affordable price tags. 

Decorating your home should be a fun and exciting project, not an overwhelming task that you’re obsessed with getting right. The final result is an extension of your personality, and it will be perfect!

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