5 Fascinating Different Types of Drywall Texture for Room Extra Dimension

For you who like to perform DIY treatment in house decorating, you are perhaps are acquainted with an abundance of drywall textures. There are numerous different types of drywall texture starting from the simple design to the complex one.

You always can find the greatest design to suit your home interior design.

If you want to move from plainly standard walls to ones with more textures, you have to consider incorporating drywall texture in your home.

They also serve as great ideas if you want to include any special pattern to any surface in your living area. Let’s dig deeper into the interesting ones we found at any house.

5 Different Types of Drywall Texture

The High Popularity of Popcorn Ceiling Texture

High Popularity of Popcorn Ceiling Texture

Appear to slightly unique than traditional texture on ceilings, popcorn has knob-like surface with randomly spread bumps.

This look represents popcorn or some also said cottage cheese. A little bit tricky to make, this texture combine the use of stucco and Styrofoam to cover any defect and gives retro touch.

The Simple Design among Different Types of Drywall Texture, Comb Drywall Texture

Different Types of Drywall Texture

Comb texture containing half rainbows or fans become a great choice to add some dimension in any space.

Due to its various widths of lines and stripes, the way of applying this texture is mostly simple but sometimes can be intricate. Made using a toothed trowel, it exudes oriental appeal.

The Gentle Look from Orange Peel Texture

Orange Peel Texture

Like its name, this texture is inspired by the look of a citrus rind but appears with soft dimples. Orange peel texture is suitable to be applied to ceilings and walls.

Made through a mix spraying of mud and water then soften by roller, it adds warmth to any room.

The Subtle Application of Knockdown Texture

different types of drywall texture

Known to be more delicate technique from different types of drywall texture, knockdown nearly brings similar results from stucco finish.

To make it, mud is sprayed over the wall until dry and then a knife is moved across to knock down the large droplets. It improves character, depth, and warmth.

The Rarely Classic Venetian Drywall Texture

Venetian Drywall Texture Ideas

Applied using old technique, Venetian is created from the plaster combined with marble dust to form numerous thin layers. The last layer is both sanded and buffed to achieve depth and polished finish.

Since the finish is smooth, it increases the dimension and artistic look wherever applied to a surface.

Applying drywall texture now and then can be important because it covers several useful purposes. Not only add warm feeling and extra character to any rooms, but it also gives architectural appeal to them.

Moreover, they effectively conceal imperfections or traces from any repair treatments on walls or ceilings.

As each drywall texture not only has a different character but also a wide variety level of difficulty, you need to compare different types of drywall texture to help in deciding the perfect one.

If you have neither much knowledge nor experience about it, asking help from home decorating experts give you much help.

They will give you recommendations on what kind of drywall texture to match with the interior design of your home.

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