7 Wall Mural Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

Having a beautiful interior can make you feel happier at home. In order to create this kind of interior, you need to choose the best wall decoration. Aside from paintings and unique wallpaper, you can use wall mural to create a focal point in each room of your home. There are countless wall mural ideas that you can choose since creativity is the only limitation.

However, you must be careful in picking these ideas. Certain wall mural can make the space seems more cramped. And others may make you feel stressed out without reasons. Therefore, you really need to consider the size, color, and theme of the wall mural properly.

If you need some inspiration on it, you can take a look at these ideas of wall mural.

A Beautiful but Minimalist Wall Mural Idea for Living Rooms

Wall Mural ideas

A wall mural which shows a nature beauty is a common choice among people. However, if you want something more unique, you can have this beautiful but minimalist wall mural.

It features big purple flowers with the white abstract pattern background. These two colors looks great in the modern living room with neutral dark color.

An animal Wall Mural for Kids’ Bedrooms

Wall Mural for Kid Ideas

To make your kid’s bedroom looks more adorable you can add an animal wall mural in it. You can go for colorful or minimalist wall mural like this one.

But, if you choose the former, you need to make sure that the room is big enough so that it doesn’t look cramped.

A Wall Mural for Master Bedrooms

Master Bedroom Ideas

This misty forest wall mural looks great in this master bedroom. It is calming and refreshing. Therefore, you will feel more relaxed in the bedroom.

On the other hand, it looks interesting so that this room looks more standout. To match this wall mural, you need a white coverlet and some bright neutral colored pillows and blanket.

A Wall Mural Idea for Minimalist and Modern Sitting Rooms

Modern Sitting Room Idea

When you think of wall mural, you will likely picture a large wall that is full with images. However, for a modern and minimalist sitting room, you can opt for minimalist wall mural like this one.

The single tree wall mural above transforms the room into a more refreshing and beautiful room.

A 3D Wall Mural for a Bathroom

Mural for a Bathroom

There are many ways you can do to make your bathroom more interesting. One of them is adding a 3D wall mural.

The wall mural in this picture looks very real. It will make you feel as if you are boating in Venice instead of bathing in your tub.

A Historical Wall Mural Idea for Dining Rooms

Historical Wall Mural Ideas

To enjoy your meals in a beautiful place, you don’t need to go anywhere if you have this wall mural.

This historical landscape mural will give you different experience in dining. It is perfect for you who have an interior with a classic style.

A Natural Themed Wall Mural for Kitchen

Forest wall mural ideas

Many people choose food and drink wall murals as the focal point in their kitchen. But, actually you can have any wall murals in your kitchen.

One of them is this beautiful forest wall mural. It will surely make you feel more relaxed when cooking.

Once you decide on the idea of the wall mural you want, you need to consider its technique. To create it, you can paint it directly or install a large printed mural. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

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