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    7 Best DIY Solar Shower Ideas to Try

    Looking for some DIY solar shower ideas? A solar shower is one of the gears you’d want to bring whenever you go outdoors, be it to the beach or camping ground.

    The best thing about a solar shower is that it requires no electricity or gas to work. It just needs, well, solar power.

    Another great thing about solar showers is their versatility. You can use them wherever you want. Yes, including even your backyard.

    Want to know how amazing a solar shower can be? Read on. We have a list of DIY ideas that you can try.

    1. Outdoor Shower with Repurposed Materials

    Outdoor Shower with Repurposed Materials

    Want to keep your DIY project as eco-friendly as possible? Use repurposed materials. Notice how this outdoor solar shower uses various repurposed materials, from wooden boards to the bucket.

    Even the shower platform uses repurposed wooden pallets. It is not only eco-friendly but it also is cheap.

    2. The Shower’s Under the Treehouse

    The Shower’s Under the Treehouse

    An outdoor solar shower can be placed just about anywhere. Yes, that includes the space underneath your treehouse, too.

    What’s great about placing the shower underneath the treehouse is that you can hide the hose on the rooftop. The result? A gorgeous, natural-looking outdoor shower.

    3. Simple DIY Solar Shower Ideas: Bucket Solar Shower

    Simple DIY Solar Shower Ideas

    Of all DIY solar shower ideas, using a bucket is among the simplest and quickest. You can easily make a shower outdoor within an hour or so.

    Removing it when it is not needed is easy, too. Perhaps the only problem is capacity, but that depends on the usage.

    4. Car-Top Solar Shower for the Outdoor Person

    Solar Shower for the Outdoor Person

    Going outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t have a shower. This one, however, does require preparations.

    Instead of making a stationary outdoor shower, you install the shower on top of your car. So regardless of your destination, be it the beach or camping ground, you can shower with ease.

    5. Solar Shower in a Tent for Privacy

    Solar Shower in a Tent for Privacy

    Want some privacy when showering? In that case, the portable and practical solution will be to combine a shower tent with a solar shower.

    This way, you can shower with privacy. You just need to attach the showerhead to a corner and set up the solar shower.

    6. Keep the Shower Simple and Minimalist

    Simple and Minimalist solar shower

    This one keeps it simple. For some people, going the minimalist route is the best.

    If you want to keep it simple, you can make an outdoor solar shower using a piece of privacy fence folded in rectangular shape and a used water heater painted in black as the tank.

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    7. Going All Natural

    Best Natural shower ideas

    Want to make your outdoor solar shower as natural-looking as possible? In that case, use natural materials.

    Place the tank on a higher platform, surround it with branches, and plant some small dead trees on which you hang the hose and showerhead. Add some stones for a more natural vibe.

    Very versatile, isn’t it? As DIY solar shower ideas above have shown you, there are just so many things you can do with a solar shower.

    They are practical, functional, and if you use some ingenuity, aesthetical as well. So, are you ready to build your own solar shower?

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