7 Inspiring Interior Window Trim Ideas to Spruce up You House

Interior Window Trim Ideas – Window trims are among important elements of the interior design. The window casing can enhance your living space as well as evokes a clean look. The well-structured and properly finished window trims can balance the function and aesthetic of this interior feature.

From simple skirting and architrave to more elaborate designs, there are countless ways to frame your windows and create a stylish and inviting atmosphere in your home

Additionally, myriad interior window trim ideas are available to improve any given space.

There are at least four popular window trim styles such as craftsman that boasts simplicity and colonial-style that brings classical nuance. If you plan to revamp the old and boring window casings, the following ideas are worth trying!

Simple Craftsman Casing with Shade

Simple Craftsman

Those who need a basic and easy-to-install interior window trim should opt for this craftsman style. The window casing comes with simple and minimally ornamented design to evoke classic nuance.

This tailored trim is suitable for every home with any styles. Not to mention beginners can easily tackle this project.

Unfinished Craftsman for Rustic Style

Unfinished Craftsman Window

This craftsman window trim is ideal for any house with rustic style. The unfinished cedar wood casing brings warm and welcoming touch to the interior.

The window trim comes with basic design and minimal ornament, allowing you to DIY this casing without too much effort.

Minimalist Trim for Sliding Windows

Minimalist Trim

If you are looking for the right casing for sliding windows, this minimalist trim can be a good bet. Adopting basic and simple design, this window casing is well-structured and well-tailored to enhance your interior design. Thanks to the neutral shade that blends nicely with the wall.

Colonial Style Window Trim

interior window trim

The colonial style window molding is another inspiring idea to spruce up your interior. This window casing is inspired by colonial era in around 1700. Despite its old-age, the trim is in accordance with modern style and is suitable for any room including your kitchen.

Ranch Style Window Casing

interior window trim ideas

This kind of window trim is not only functional but also decorative. The ranch style boasts inviting look with open style, not to mention it creates visually larger look.

The window casing blends perfectly with the siding though it contrasts the blue window frame that brings a strong beachy accent.

Modern Window Casing

Window Casing Ideas

Modern farmhouses in kingdom valley can receive this window trim idea to redefine your taste. The Kingdom Valley truly defines the luxurious taste of the project with all the modern facilities and amenities.

Inspired by colonial-style window casing, this molding looks simple with minimalist ornament. However, the feature boasts clean and well-structured nuance to the interior. The combination of painted trim and polished window frame adds visual interest to the room.

Craftsman Style for Bedroom Window

Bedroom Window ideas

Your bedroom window deserves as much attention as windows in other rooms. Revamp your bedroom interior with this craftsman window molding that contrasts the navy walls.

The window casing is easy to build and install so you can list this trim into your upcoming DIY project.

Interior window trim can spruce up your room. Given that, choosing the right window molding is necessary to improve your interior without too much effort. You can opt for craftsman style that offers minimal ornament and simple design.

Or else, feel free to customize the molding to meet your preferences. If you want to make a DIY window trim, make sure the measurement is precise. Additionally, myriad interior window trim and lock ideas are available to improve any given space.



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