7 DIY Shadow Box Ideas for Everyone

Shadow box ideas are going to help you create the best decoration for any room at home. Besides, you can also give them to your loved ones on their special day.

There will be seven different ideas about unique and creative shadow boxes you can find here.

There is a shadow box for parents, wife, husband, friend, and for everyone. Explore them all down here and try to create one or more of them on your upcoming do it yourself project.

Creative DIY Shadow Box Ideas

Babies Memory Shadow Box

Memory Shadow Box Ideas

As your babies become toddlers and grow bigger become teenagers, don’t throw their personal stuff. Use their best baby photos, clothes, footprints, and other personal stuff to fill the memory shadow box.

Those boxes will remind you of the old times. Hang them on your interior wall so everybody will see.

Colorful Flowers Shadow Box for Her

Diy Flowers Shadow Box

The gorgeous shadow box with colorful roses in clear glass vases inside is one of outstanding gift ideas for your precious woman.

However, roses are not the only flower you can use. Pick any flower your lady loves the most. Consider using dried flowers for a more vintage and rustic look.

The Family Tree Shadow Box Ideas

Family Tree Shadow Box Ideas

Family trees are the most brilliant wall art idea for the living room. Now you can keep your family tree looking more amazing by inserting it into the shadow box.

Use the best photos to complete the family tree. Use real leaves to create a family tree that looks more alive.

Travel Shadow Box to Decorate Living Room

Travel Shadow Box Ideas

If traveling is your hobby, create a DIY shadow box that frames all your traveling souvenirs. Fill each shadow box with souvenirs from one country.

Feel free to fill it with your ticket, the country’s currency, or your photos when you were exploring the country. It’ll be great wall arts.

Creative Initial Shadow Box for Bedroom

Initial Shadow Box Ideas

This fifth of seven shadow box ideas is really easy to create. You don’t need to spend a lot to make this unique box. Create the paper flowers and then place them inside the box.

Now create the name initial from gold paper and place them on the box’s glass.

Simple Shadow Box for Graduated Friend

Simple Shadow Box Ideas

One beautiful moment for gift giving is graduation. Pick a shadow box in neutral color and then fill it with the photos of your graduated friend.

Add his initials and class to make it look more personal. Then you must wrap it with the best gift wrap you can get.

Shadow Box for His Hobby

DIY Shadow Box Ideas

Everyone has a hobby. Whatever your man’s hobby is, you must support him. One way you can show his support is by framing his collection stuff.

If the things your husband collects are small enough to be placed in the box, you’ll want to put them in with a quote.

Which one between the seven shadow box ideas above will you try first? Feel free to try them all and cover all your interior walls with shadow boxes. Those boxes will also be a perfect gift for friends and relatives.

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