7 Home Décor Tips Students Can Learn From TikTok

Home décor can truly change a living space. Although students often live on a budget, it doesn’t mean that they can’t upgrade their environment. With simple and affordable ideas from TikTok, you’ll be able to rearrange and reshape your room or apartment.

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Best Decor Tips from TikTok

#1. Planning the Layout

Home Décor Tips Students Can Learn From TikTok

A lot of time, something as simple as rearranging the furniture can transform a room completely. And it costs zero dollars to do. The outlook of the space is defined by where and how you place different pieces.

One of the great ideas is creating a small model of your room on paper with all the furniture pieces. By moving them around, you can figure out the most comfortable layout in terms of separate zones, lighting, and simplicity.

A good idea is to reconsider how you store your belongings as well. There is a huge trend in hidden storage spaces like under the bed, for example. It allows for saving a lot of space and making the place look clean and airy.

#2. Rent-Friendly Wall Alterations

One of the major concerns for student accommodations is that they are often rented. So students are not allowed to make permanent changes a lot of times. However, it is possible to freshen up the décor with rent-friendly options.

This is particularly exciting if you love art and creative elements because a lot of décor pieces can be crafted or created yourself.

A good example of rent-friendly and cheap renovation is the idea to refresh the bathroom with DollarThree pieces. They use sticking wallpaper that can be easily removed before you move out. And some cute decorations that won’t break the budget.

Some other rent-friendly wall décor options are:

  • Decals;
  • Bamboo blinds;
  • Stick-on posters and art pieces;
  • Removable backsplash;
  • Contact paper;
  • Fairy lights.

#3. Upgrade Your Kitchen

To make your kitchen look stunning, you can start by choosing the color palette and a theme to unite all the elements.

For example, students can paint cabinets with a new color and cover outlets with small art pieces or thrift pieces like a vase. The video also recommends creating small displays with tools and elements you use every day for a neat and stylish look.

Another valid idea is to paint door knobs a different color. You can unscrew them and safely spray-paint one color. Metallics like gold or silver might look stunning. After they are dry, just screw them back.

#4. Add Mirrors


Mirrors are amazing when it comes to creating an illusion of space. They can transform even the smallest room and also reflect light to make it brighter.

Although huge mirrors can be costly, you do not need to invest a lot to succeed with this idea. A great example is to use IKEA stick-on mirrors to create a mirror accent wall.

She paints the frame with dark color and sticks small mirrors in 5 rows and 3 columns to create a beautiful accent décor wall.

Also, a lot of mirrors can be thrifted. Students can paint frames to make them suit the overall color palette of the room.

#5. Pictures and Frames

Another IKEA-related tip is to transform a wall by turning it into a gallery with similar frames. The video uses 9 same white frames to create a gallery wall with beautiful photographs.

But you can also opt for frames with different sizes but the same color and material. Or you can switch photographs to art pieces or posters. It doesn’t have to be strictly organized if that is not the look you are going for. Play with options and use rent-friendly stickers for frames instead of nails.

#6. Custom Neon Sign

A neon sign can become an amazing focal point in an interior. But the custom ones tend to be expensive. What about making your own sign?

To create it, one will need a stretched canvas, LED wire, and a hot glue gun. Take the canvas and draw the design with a pencil. Make holes in the canvas to hide the parts of the wire you do not want anyone to see (power elements). Then with a glue gun, trace the design with LED wire. And that’s it! You can place it near the bed or in the living room.

#7. Upgrade Countertop With Vinyl

Using vinyl stickers is an easy and fast way to make your countertops look more luxurious. There is plenty of vinyl with various prints to choose from online.

All you need to do is clean the surface and carefully stick the vinyl over it. The best part is that such stickers are easy to take off when you are moving out or just tired of the look.

In Summary

Home décor doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. With proper planning, creativity, and TikTok inspiration, you can turn your student living into a beautiful space.

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