7 Types of Deck Railing for Your Beautiful Home 

GripElements.com – Deck railing is one of the important elements on the exterior of the house. So, not only to protect the building of the house but also to enhance the beauty of your home. That’s why you have to choose the right types of deck railing according to your needs, home design, and personal taste.

To be able to determine the type of fence that is right for your residence, then you have to look at the constituent materials first. Of course, having a beautiful deck railing is a dream for many people, including you.

Light Steel Deck Railing

types of wood deck railings

Did you know that currently the trend of using mild steel is also used as the main material for a deck railing.

This type of deck railing made of mild steel has a minimalist appearance, is lightweight, and has strong durability. In addition, light steel deck railing is also easy to combine with various home models.

Wood Deck Railing

different types of wood deck railings

Wood is indeed very interesting as a deck railing material. Unfortunately, not many people use wooden deck railings because they think that their durability is weak and prone to damage. You can choose quality hardwood types to produce a strong wooden deck railing. For example, ironwood.

Metal Deck Railing

pictures of different types of deck railings

Aluminum or metal can also be the best choice for deck railing. The material of manufacture is very strong and sturdy so, it is durable to use. Plus, the material that makes up this deck railing can also make it look more beautiful. You will be amazed by it.

Bamboo Deck Railing

types of deck railing materials

The next types of deck railing is bamboo deck railing. It’s just that you have to routinely carry out maintenance for this deck railing.

Its properties are almost similar to wood which requires special care. Even so, you can get an extraordinarily beautiful impression when using this deck railing.

Concrete Deck Railing

types of deck railing covers

Concrete deck railing can be the best choice for those of you who like practicality in caring for your home. This is the result of a cast whose mixture consists of cement, sand, and other materials. Concrete deck railing is most suitable for large and magnificent houses so that the level of security is guaranteed.

Natural Stone Deck Railing

types of deck railings photos

The impression of a natural-style house can also be obtained if you use deck railing made of natural stone. The pattern is very unique so it doesn’t look monotonous.

If you choose this type of deck railing, you must clean it by brushing it regularly so, that the natural stone is not covered with dirt and dust.

Deck Railing Combination

types of deck railing designs

The next types of deck railing are a combination. A combination deck railing is made up of two or three different materials, such as brick, mild steel or brick, natural stone, and wood. You can design a deck railing concept according to the shape of the house so that the results are more exclusive.

Types of deck railing are indeed very varied. You can choose one of the several deck railing options. Don’t forget to also prepare a sufficient budget to start building the deck railing. Make your home more beautiful with the installation of a deck railing.

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