How is Automation Changing Commercial Buildings?

Automation is the future. Or so the experts say. As technology continues to improve and develop, we’re seeing more and more automation in our daily lives. From autonomous vehicles to smart homes, automation is designed to make our lives more convenient and more stress-free.

However, while things like self-driving cars might be the most well-known example of automation, it can be seen in a number of other areas as well, from window openers to robotic vacuum cleaners. How is it being used to change and improve commercial buildings and working spaces? Keep reading to find out.

Electric Window Openers

How is Automation Changing Commercial Buildings

Electric window openers have become increasingly popular over the past few years, in domestic homes and commercial buildings alike. They can be installed in place of old windows, which can often have stiff opening mechanisms that can result in windows being kept shut most of the time.

By using electric window openers, windows can be opened and closed remotely at the click of a button. This is essential for temperature and humidity control, as well as for letting in sunlight. Sunlight is essential in working spaces and has been linked to increased staff productivity.

Electric window openers can be fully automated, with parameters then set to indicate when the windows should be opened and when they should be closed, based on temperature, time of day, or both. This is essential for the busy, modern-day manager, and can give you one less task to worry about.

Smart Lighting

Lighting is crucial in commercial spaces. It allows staff to work efficiently and see what they’re doing, while customers can benefit from being able to view and browse products more clearly. Automation is making lighting systems far more effective and energy efficient.

Automated lights can be set to timers so that they turn on and off at specific times of day. This will ensure your lights are not on when they don’t need to be and can make you big savings on your energy bills.

Automated Security Systems

Security is a top priority in commercial spaces, for the protection of staff, customers, and products and business equipment. With automation technology, security systems have come on in leaps and bounds, and can now offer much more extensive and comprehensive safety benefits.

Automated security systems can work autonomously to flag and identity threats before taking the appropriate course of action. They require little-to-no input from people, significantly reducing the risk of human error.

Sophisticated systems can make use of voice or facial recognition technology to ensure they are correctly identifying potential threats, with some able to provide remote camera feeds and information through associated apps and platforms.


Automation is changing the way we live our lives. As the technology behind it continues to improve and develop, we can expect to see ever more automation introduced to a wide range of our daily tasks and processes.

Commercial spaces and buildings are seeing incredible improvements through the use of automation, including electric window openers, smart lighting, and advanced security systems.

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