7 Types of Window Sills and Their Different Look

GripElements.com – Window sill has some different purposes. The main one is to store items or display items in a form of a shelf. It can also serve as weather protection as well as the window’s structural support. Get to know the different types of window sills to find the right one for your house.

1. Timber Window Sill

different types of interior window sills

The most common window sill type is the timber window sill. It is made of timber but has modern coating technology.

The new coating technology makes the window sill waterproof. This allows your window to withstand various elements even though you install the sill on the exterior of the house.

2. Stone Window Sill

types of external window sills

A lot of Sydney houses built of sandstone or brick usually have stone window sill. Many people love stone window sills because they last longer than other types of window sills. Moreover, a stone window sill will also blend in perfectly with the exterior of your house.

What makes a stone window sill more special than other types is it doesn’t require any special repair or maintenance.

3. PVC Window Sill

types of concrete window sills

Timber was a famous window sill type, but now its popularity is going down. It happens since the PVC window sill is getting much more famous. PVC window sill is still able to give the appearance of natural stone, wood, or marble to your interior or exterior.

What is so special about a PVC window sill is that this material is mold and scratch-resistant. It is also waterproof, a perfect choice for your interior and exterior.

4. Aluminium Window Sill

types of brick window sills

The other types of window sills are aluminum window sills. This one is super popular in residential and commercial apartment buildings.

The reason behind its popularity is its low cost. The price of an aluminum window sill is lower than the price of a timber window sill.

Unfortunately, the aluminum window sill has poor acoustic performance. You don’t like the window sill when rain drops are hitting the window sill surface. Combine this with soundproofing windows.

5. Sanded Window Sill

types of mold on window sills

There are three other window sill types you should know. The first one is a sanded window sill that is going to provide a light, smooth, and elegant finish.

This window sill is an ideal option for a modern house or a contemporary house. The elegant finish of the window sill will blend in with the interior.

6. Flamed Window Sill

types of exterior window sills

If you are looking for the best window sill for a house with a traditional look, this window sill is the best option. This type of window sill is going to give you a nice textured surface that some other window sill types cannot offer.

7. Combed Window Sill

different types of window sills

If you want to add the look of an old house, you need to consider using this window sill. The combed window sill is the best option to add an aged look to your house. Other window sill types will not offer the same look as this one.

Different types of window sills have different looks. You need to know what kind of look you will get from each window sill type. And then you should choose the right window sill that matches your interior and exterior.

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