5 Simple Steps on How to Clean Baseboards Properly

Aside from its function to protect the bottom part of walls from getting dirt, baseboards often sacrifice themselves to turn dull fast. It’s because dust and dirt are trapped easily in the small part of the walls. However, if you know the right way how to clean baseboards, you shouldn’t worry about that.

Dirty baseboards are very uncomfortable to see especially if they appear in white color. That’s why this part of the wall needs to receive regular cleaning to maintain its original look and condition.

Let’s follow the simple ways to clean the baseboards through these several steps.

Steps on How to Clean Baseboards

1. Start the Cleaning Process by Vacuuming

To start the process, you have to clean the surface of baseboards from any dust and dirt. This can be done by using a vacuum cleaner as it features a specific type of brush to perform this task effectively.

There is a small gap between a floor and a baseboard, this part should be included in the vacuum cleaning process. If you don’t own one, a tiny whisk broom can be used to replace the work.

2. Wiping the Stains from the Surface

If the surface is already clean, we move to move more stubborn stains. Compared with other rooms in the house, kitchen seems to be the one that has lots of stains stick on baseboards.

It’s due to food spills and grease from the cooking process.

To remove this kind of stains, you can make a mixture of liquid soap, vinegar, and warm water. Put soft cloth into the mixture and squeeze it first to avoid applying too much water on baseboards surface.

Then, wipe the stains using that damp cloth.

3. How to Clean Baseboards Using a Brush

Sometimes baseboards don’t appear purely plain, many of them are designed with small channels for decorative purpose.

It contains curves that can be a little difficult to clean with a cloth. If so, you can use a brush to remove dirt from this part.

4. Don’t Leave the Gap

The narrow gap between baseboard and floor becomes a part that is quite hard to clean. To clean this part, you can benefit from a cotton swab.

Drench it into the cleaning mixture move it carefully along the gap. It even can be used to clean the upper part of baseboards.

5. After Cleaning Protection

Use a dry sheet to wipe the baseboards after they are cleaned using a cleaning mixture. This helps to prevent dust stick to the damp surface of baseboards.

Finish the process of how to clean baseboards by wiping them using a dry sheet helps them to remain clean for a longer time.

Since baseboard attracts dust easily, you have to clean it at last. If not, you will cause a dirt deposit again on them.

Cleaning the baseboard can be performed with DIY cleaning mixture or a particular cleaner you buy from store.

If you use a store-purchased cleaner, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to achieve the best results.

For any stains that cannot be removed using a cleaner, you can cover them with paint. As you know how to clean baseboards properly, now dirty baseboards are not a big deal anymore.

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