7 Fantastic Rectangle Pool Landscaping Ideas

GripElements.com – Spending summer next to a private pool is everyone’s plan every single year. Sometimes, relaxing just next to a private pool is enough since you don’t have to leave the house and risk your health.

However, to support this plan, you need to have some brilliant rectangle pool landscaping ideas.

1. A Pool with Gazebo

landscaping pool ideas

The main idea is to build a huge gazebo covering your rectangular pool. But it will be super hard to do so consider building a gazebo at the end of the pool.

Place some cozy couches, a coffee table, and other things you need to get relaxed while enjoying your backyard and watching your kids splashing.

A small bar in the gazebo will also let you welcome your closest friends in the backyard and make them feel at home.

2. Cool Pool with Lounge Chairs

diy pool landscaping ideas

Lounge chairs are common furniture pieces you place around the pool. What about building lounge chairs inside the pool instead of around the pool?

This is a brilliant idea if you are planning a rectangular pool with a shallow area on one end. The shallow area is the best place to build lounge chairs.

Those lounge chairs allow you to sit and get some rest from the tiring swimming without leaving the pool. Here, you are free to enjoy your drink before starting swimming again.

3. Rectangle Pool Landscaping Ideas: Lights Everywhere

rectangular pool landscaping ideas

Lights are an essential element for your outdoor swimming pool, especially if you love swimming at night.

But even though swimming at night isn’t your hobby, those lights are going to make your backyard look more mesmerizing, especially when you combine those lights with plants.

4. Cute Garden with Pool and Fountain

rectangle above ground pool landscaping ideas

This idea is perfect for private pools with a garden around them. A rectangular pool surrounded by plants, trees, and flowers will be more natural with a natural-themed ornament like a stone water fountain. Placing one or two stone water fountains on the corner of your backyard pool is enough.

The presence of those water fountains is going to enhance the feeling of nature. Those ornaments will also attract birds to your backyard.

5. Glass Fencing Around the Pool

landscaping ideas around rectangle pool

A modern property with monochromes and glasses everywhere needs this glass fencing around the rectangle inground pool.

Glass fencing is going to enhance the minimalist look of your property. But make sure that you choose the strongest and most durable glasses for pool fencing.

6. Pool with Stones and Woods

inground rectangle pool landscaping ideas

Even though you own a modern property, you can still use natural elements like wood and stones to decorate your backyard.

For example, frame your pool by placing stones path around it. And then use wood for the patio or deck next to the pool. Place modern furniture pieces on the deck.

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7. Waterfall from An Infinity Pool

rectangle pool landscaping ideas

Planning to build an infinity pool? Then consider adding a waterfall design on the corner of your infinity pool. A small waterfall is going to enhance the beauty of your backyard, especially when it meets gorgeous stone motifs on the floor and walls of the semi-inground pool.

The seven rectangle pool landscaping ideas above are going to make your backyard look fantastic. Pick any idea you desire and make the most impressive backyard with a rectangular pool.

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