7 Types of Smart Locks for Different Properties

Tisucoding.com – Smart locks become a common thing now in many American businesses and homes because of their affordability.

These locks are going to keep everything inside your property secure and make you feel more comfortable to leaving the house or business.

Learn about different types of smart locks here.

1. Combination Smart Lock

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This is a unique smart lock design that will require a master passcode so that you can unlock the door. The main user of the property can set up different passcodes for different people. Various models for combination smart locks are available.

For example, there are smart locks with keypad deadbolts or with keypad deadbolts and also a handles. Some others even have physical buttons or touchscreen buttons. Many believe that these combination smart locks are more secure than other door locks.

2. Smart Garage Door Lock

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Can you imagine opening and closing your garage from your smartphone? This is no longer a majestic technology since you can now use a smart door lock for your garage door.

Many types of smart garage door locks are also available, yet the most famous one is using a smartphone app to operate the door.

3. Types of Smart Locks with WiFi

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Today, many smart door locks for home come with a WiFi connectivity feature that allows you to pair your door locks with your smart home hub.

These door locks work through apps and allows you to unlock or lock your door with a wireless connection. It is also easy to track closing and opening history.

4. Bluetooth Smart Door Locks

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The functionality of smart door locks with Bluetooth technology is the same as the one with WiFi technology. But this Bluetooth smart door locking system will never drain the battery as quickly as the one with WiFi. This means you can always connect the smart lock to your mobile device.

There is no need to connect the locks with a smart home system. However, you can only close or lock the doors if you are at a set distance, like a maximum of 30 feet away from the doors.

5. Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

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A Biometric smart door lock is going to scan the fingerprint you place on the sensor and then convert the fingerprint into a numerical template.

This can be a great security option since you will never forget the fingerprint as you forget the passcode. It is also super hard to fake a fingerprint.

6. Smart Lock with Camera

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This one is the most fascinating smart door-locking system that allows you to see who tries to access your property.

The camera feature of the smart door lock is going to record the face of a person standing in front of the door every time someone is accessing the door lock.


7. Smart Door Lock with Card

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Only those who have the cards can open the door lock and enter the property. If something is gone from your property, then you can have the suspects easily.

Different types of smart locks allow you to choose one that is most secure and effective in protecting your asset. You need to learn about the features of all smart lock types to find the right one for your property.

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