27 Best Ideas Space Theme Room That Will Inspire You

If you wanna have something fun applied to your kid’s bedroom, you may wanna try having these space theme room ideas. Why? Because it’s interesting, unique, and festive. Your children, especially boys, would love to have this kind of theme in their bedroom.

There are various designs when it comes to space themes. You may wanna let your kids choose what they like. If they are into outer space kind of things, these ideas would wow them all. The design you can apply can be based on the room’s size and style.

You can either choose it to be simple, or a little bit more festive, or go fully decorated all over the room. You have to keep in mind that the key to getting your kids excited about their room design is to make it as fun as possible for them.

Well, without further ado, you may wanna explore these fun space them room ideas for boys with pros and cons in each idea.

Space Themed Bedroom with Galactic Wall

space themed children's rooms

Take a look at the wall and the ceiling, this bedroom for boys have goes all in. With the wall decals that glow in the dark, it would be a perfect night for him. Your boy would be happy with this galactic wall design.

With this wall decal, they can enjoy their favorite planet every time at night. When they sleep, they will see the milky way on the ceiling. I believe that is the highlight of this bedroom. It’s like sleeping in the outer space.


  • The color combination is just perfect.
  • The planets are not fully covered on the wall.
  • Even though it’s full of decals, it’s soothing.


  • The milky way design on the ceiling might get your boys dizzy.

Space Theme Room for Nursery Space

outer space themed room decor

The outer space theme seems perfect for children’s rooms including nursery space. It’s because the dark theme of outer space warms up the room every time. As you can see, this nursery space has a dark blue domination on the wall represents the sky of outer space.

With those funny and cute cartoons, this wall decals suit the theme of the bedroom. You don’t need any more decors with that wall of festivity. You can just balance it with a basic color like white or cream on other elements like this one. It would balance the dark wall design.


  • The right shade of dark blue.
  • Dark wallpaper would be a lot comfortable for babies.
  • It’s not too bright for their eyes.


  • The decoration is limited.

Space Themed Bedroom with Black Wallpaper

space themed room divider

It’s both great and fun having a dark outer space theme in the bedroom. Check out that subjected planets on the wall, it looks really. It’s because those planets are not stickers or paintings, it’s a half-replica that’s attached to the wall.

It looks really fun from here. As you can see, the lighting from the ceiling giving the wall beams of lights in order to enlighten the texture and the color of the wall. It also makes the objects on the wall more lively. You don’t have to think about adding any more decoration because it’s just enough.


  • It looks more fun than wall decal or sticker.
  • The lighting is enough.


  • At night, it would be too dark for children.

Bright and Calming Space Themed Bedroom

space themed classroom

Designing a space them doesn’t have to be dark. You don’t have to use all black, or dark blue. You can create other combination of colors that still can relate to outer space. As you can see, This bedroom has light soft blue and white as the main color.

This bedroom is designed based on its owner’s favorite. The boy loves celestial spaces, worlds, scientific research, and superheroes. All of them are well combined in this bedroom. The other element like that loft space bed, a desk, and a comfortable reading chair simply complete the room.


  • The wall art is only on one side of the room which allows you to put a simple decoration on the other wall.
  • It’s bright but it’s not too bright for a soothing bedroom.


  • You may need to switch the loft bed into the bigger one sooner because it would be too small when he’s growing up fast.

Colorful Space Themed Room Ideas

outer space themed room ideas

Pastel colors are a great choice for a bedroom. You can just combine some pastel colors, everything would be fascinating. The wall art in this space themed bedroom is using all pastel colors. The good thing about pastel colors, it wouldn’t be over-colored.

The green bedding is also an element that really supports the theme. It gives a great comparison to the colorful wall. That light green color load this room with dynamic and vivid feel. Complete the theme with a space-patterned pillow.


  • It’s really suitable for kids’ bedroom.
  • The wall art looks really fun and colorful.


  • If you look for something more realistic in the wall art, this won’t leave you pleased.

Cool and Inspiring Space Themed Room Ideas

space themed room uk

We’re still talking about the bedroom design for boys. Check out this really cool and inspiring bedroom design. It’s got a modern furnishing and cool setting. What so unique about this space themed bedroom is it’s the wall behind the bed. Instead of wall painting, decals, or stickers, this bedroom offers you with a chalkboard.

The chalkboard behind the bed has solar system artwork works. It makes a great backdrop for the bedroom. I’m very sure, it would be a perfect focal point for the room. In addition, there’s a decorative rocket ship beside the side table, it would be a cool addition to the bedroom in order to complete the space theme and provide a fun ambiance.


  • It’s got a unique decoration that relates to the theme.


  • Chalk would produce dust, it would be unhealthy for children.

Space Theme Bedroom with Bold Setting

space themed game room

This bedroom has a really cool and bold setting. It looks like your kids’ sleeping in a planetarium. There’s a cool wall artwork of solar system behind the bed. A bedroom for kids tends to be smaller than the average bedroom size. So, don’t go over with the decoration and furniture.

Well, the owner of this cool bedroom picks the right size of furniture. The small bed in the middle makes a good focal point for this bedroom atmosphere. The bed doesn’t waste a lot of space in the bedroom. There’s still more space to breathe and to add more furniture like that desk.


  • The wall art behind the bed is glorious.
  • The black-colored desk make a good function of the space.


  • The only thing that bothers is the red-colored curtain, it doesn’t fit the theme of the room.

Space Themed Bedroom with Lively Space Wallpaper

space themed room decor

Check out that amazing wallpaper. I bet it would catch everyone’s attention immediately when they enter the bedroom. As you can see, the designer won’t need to add another element to be in line with the theme. The wallpaper already did all the work.

Your boy would feel like sleeping in another planet. The wallpaper is so lively and full of pictures. It looks so fun for kids, right? The designer then chooses to separate the image away from the room. The light wooden flooring and furniture make it happened.


  • The artwork is so lively.
  • The lively space wall covers all the theme element.


  • Showcasing the wooden material is not recommended for space theme room ideas.

Lovely Space Themed Bedroom

space themed rooms for adults

This beautiful and fun bedroom represent the night sky, but the blue shade on the wall is lighter. The pale blue color on the wall is exposed in a cool and unique way. Even though the blue color seems not suit the space theme, it adapts the theme perfectly. The designer applies few stars stick to the wall.

The bedding and the rug seem to be the representative of the space theme. That cool planet is looking fit perfectly. Another element that matches the wall design is that catchy curtain which is colored match to the bedding and the pattern match to both bedding and the wall.


  • It’s fun and full of color.
  • All of the elements have got the representation of the outer space.


  • Some designer might think that a pale blue doesn’t represent outer space.

Space Theme Bedroom That Flies You to The Moon

space themed baby rooms

This idea is not designed for children. It’s ok if your son loves this idea in their bedroom. But, it would be not that fun because the space theme of this bedroom is not aimed to be fun. It’s aimed to look cool and elegant.

There’s no chance you don’t see that huge moon. Maybe, it’s perfect for boys that dreamed of being an astronaut in their childhood. This could be the perfect design of bedroom for him when he’s grown up. That huge moon on the wall would make the sleeping feels like sleeping in outer space.


  • It’s not that complicated, but impressive.
  • There are an exclusivity and simplicity in this room’s atmosphere.
  • There are a wood floor and the geometric pattern bedding that balances the huge moon image.


  • It’s too monotonous for kids.
  • There’s no fun element in this room.

Captain’s Room Ideas for Bedroom

space themed room fantasyland hotel

For your teen, this room would be marvelous. It’s like giving him a new job as a caption. The design of this bedroom looks like a room of a spaceship captain. The futuristic style of this bedroom would bring you straight to the outer space.

It’s totally blowing people’s mind. As you can see, the designer fully design the room and change it into something else. It’s got LED lights all over the edge of the room. That light really supports the designer to set the perfect atmosphere. Tell your teen to be ready to enter the spaceship’s operating room.


  • It’s got the mesmerizing LED lightings.
  • The spaceship theme is very interesting and impressive.
  • The room looks spacious because of the mirror.


  • It’s got no border between bath-tub and bed.
  • It might be too dark when you need natural light in the morning.
  • Your kids would feel that it’s always evening.
  • There’s no sunlight that goes inside the room, it’s not healthy.

Minimalist Space Theme Room Ideas

space themed room uk

Almost all elements of this bedroom would catch everyone’s attention. First of all, you can see the wall art. It looks so real, thanks to the designer. The designer gives such a realistic art on the wall. It would make the owner stunned.

There’s no overlapping item in this bedroom including that jet plan in the background. It looks a lot of fun for boys.

They can play around that jet plan everytime they wan. The Half-rounded bed in the center also look suitable inside this spacious bedroom.


  • It has a relaxing atmosphere.
  • The semicircle bed looks fantastic.
  • The bed seems well-combined with the bright blue Earth mural.


  • There’s a rocket-shaped shelf ruins the natural ambiance of the space station.

A Planetarium Theme Bedroom

space themed hotel room

This theme is really close to the outer space theme. It’s got all the planets hanging from the ceiling. It looks like the planets are floating around like in outer space. The mural on the ceiling supports the decoration. It really looks like a sky in space.

To add more dramatic touch, the lighting would be the main role of this business. So, you need to put the lighting in the right place. However, the designer decided to add the wallpaper and decals on the walls that are not related to the theme which is a disappointment in this case.


  • It gives a perfect impression of space on the ceiling.
  • The floating object seems to be a clever idea.


  • The only space-themed element in this bedroom is the ceiling.


Choosing a theme for your kids’ bedroom could be a challenge. If possible, you need to ask your children what they want to have in their bedroom. Or you could just see what they like the most. Then, you could decide which one of these space theme room ideas that fit them.

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