10 Best Deck Bench Ideas for a More Attractive Deck

Deck Bench Ideas – When you are planning for a deck, you must remember to consider adding a bench on it. A bench will be an excellent addition to your deck.

This particular furniture is made of wood so that it can stand the weather excellently. In addition, it offers more seating option on the deck.

Some deck bench ideas are more suitable for a small deck. However, others are great for a big deck.

In general, you have the choice to install a built-in bench or a common bench, i.e. not built-in. Moreover, there are several bench types to choose, such as backless benches and benches with back.

And most importantly, you need to choose the material properly so that you have a strong bench that lasts for years. Check out these best deck bench ideas and choose one that is suitable for you.

Creative Deck Bench Ideas

U-Shaped Deck Bench Combination

U-Shaped Deck Bench Design


Some people are not comfortable sitting on a backless bench and others are okay with it. To solve this problem, you can install a U-shaped deck bench idea that combines backless bench and bench with back.

This built-in deck is a bit unusual, but it looks attractive enough. However, to make it looks more inviting; you can place several throw pillows on the bench with back.

Aside from offering you with a seating option, it also helps you to save the space on your small deck. Moreover, if you have this deck bench, you no longer need to install deck railings.

A Deck Bench with Planter Boxes

Best Deck Bench with Planter

It is popular to have a deck bench with planter boxes. There are choices of deck bench ideas with planter boxes that you can choose. One of them is this simple backless deck bench idea.

It has a planter box on each end. In addition, it looks attractive with its natural wood color. If you do not stain it, this bench and the deck will discolor into a beautiful hue.

To make it looks more attractive, you need to choose the right flowering plants to grow on the planter boxes. Plants with bright and scented flowers will transform this bench beautifully.

However, you must remember to prune the plants regularly so that you and your family can sit on the bench comfortably.

Deck Bench Idea on Multi-Level Deck

Bench with Multi-Level Deck

If you plan to have a multi-level deck, you can adopt this deck bench idea. This bench is installed on the lower deck, along the line that divide the lower and the higher deck.

It is actually a backless bench with two armrests. However, since there is a long planter box behind the bench, it looks like a bench with back.

L-Shape Storage Deck Bench

L-Shape Storage Deck Ideas

One of the most common deck bench ideas is the L-shape bench. However, you can make this type of bench look less ordinary in various ways. One of them is making it into a storage deck bench that has some unique details.

If you have this storage bench, you can keep various things on it so that the deck look more organized. Moreover, the armrests allow you to relax on this deck comfortably.

Meanwhile, the box on the corner of this bench can be functioned as a table and armrests. You can also place a deck decoration on it.

Substitutes for Deck Railings

Best Deck Railing Ideas

A small deck gets many benefits from a built-in deck bench if you place the bench on the right place. If you want to make your deck more functional without making it look too cramped, you can install this railing deck bench and table.

Those two built-in furniture items can substitute the deck railing. In addition, you can use them as a bench and a table.

Corner Deck Bench with Planter Boxes

Corner Deck Bench Concept

This deck bench idea is very chick and beautiful. There are several things make this bench look stunning. One of them is its shape.

The geometric shape of this built-in furniture is unique. In addition, its two-tone deck and bench finishes look elegant and attractive. Moreover, to make it more stunning, the planter boxes are filled with gorgeous flowering plants.

Unstained Railing Deck Bench

Unstained Railing Deck Ideas

This railing bench may suit your deck properly. The design idea of this bench is quite simple. However, it offers you with more than one function.

You and your family can sit on it. In addition, it also replaces the deck railing. As a result, you have a long and functional deck bench.

The unstained railing deck bench is perfect for you who like to have a rustic and weathered look from your deck and its bench.

If you dislike this look, you can stain your bench deck. In order to retain the natural color of the wood, you can apply clear stains on it.

As an alternative, you can also apply semi transparent stains or solid stains so that it has another attractive finish.

Dining on Backless Benches

Best Backless Benche Ideas

Previously, you see that most deck benches are located on the line of the deck. However, it is not so with this bench idea. The benches along with a picnic table are arranged into a dining area. This arrangement is better for a larger deck.

In addition, these backless benches look interesting thanks to the bold dark color. This stain color offers a beautiful contrast to the brown deck.

In order to improve your dining experience, you can place the benches and picnic table near a planter box with beautiful flowering plants.

Pale Corner Deck Benches

Pale Corner Deck Bench

If you dislike strong wood color, such as red wood, dark chocolate, and black, you can opt for this pale color deck and bench.

The beige deck with backless deck benches on the corners looks unique. It offers warm color to the cool gray wall. If you want to brighten up this deck, you can grow colorful flowering plants in the planter boxes.

Cool and Shady

Cool deck bench

Some people love to sit under the tree because it is cool and shady in the summer. For you who have a big tree near the corner of your deck, you can adopt this deck bench idea.

The benches with backs provide you with a nice relaxing spot because they are located under a big tree. Moreover, they look quite inviting due to the cozy throw pillows on them.

Most of the deck bench ideas above will look great on your backyard deck. However, some of them are adaptable for the front deck.

In order to choose the right idea, you need to consider the size of your deck and the activities you will love to do on it. Therefore, you will get the best of the deck bench you have.

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