7 Best Creative Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas – Once you love stuffed animals to collect, you’ll have more and more. Stuffed animals are adorable things for kids. However, it can be a big problem if you don’t organize it well.

Here are some stuffed animal storage ideas to gather all of them, so they’re easy to find and tidy your room.

Creative Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

1. Swing storage

stuffed animal storage

To hang your stuffed animal collection in your room, why not? The swing-style storage is an adorable one to choose from.

You can put the swing on the wall and create many parts of the swing. After that, the stuffed animal is lined up side by side.

This idea is brilliant if you have many dolls which are the same size. One part of the swing can hold many kinds of stuff with different colors and animals.

Even if you want to DIY this storage, the materials and tools are easy; just have some ripes and pieces of lumber.

2. Bean bag storage

Bean bag storage

Recently, bean bag storage has been a trend. It’s not only stuff for adults but also for kids. Since it’s multifunctional, you can store your stuffed animal in it.

Some bags have the shape of an animal. When you don’t store the stuffed animal, it can be versatile, like a mini sofa on the floor.

3. Hammock

Hammock storage ideas

The hammock isn’t only for you to relax, but also to display some dolls. This style is a good choice when you don’t have any space to place the storage on the floor.

Hammocks for stuffed animals or toys can be found in many shops with some mini decorations and a wide range of sizes.

Where to place the hammock? You can find a corner in your room. The wall is another choice to put in the hammock if there aren’t many items like frames or hanging shelves.

Make sure the hammock is stretched, so it can hold many toys in it.

4. Treasure box

Treasure box for stuffed animal

If your bedroom is spacious enough to have this box, it may be one of the best solutions to have.

The treasure box is a big wooden crate with some wheels at the bottom. Besides its portable storage, the box can be a mini bench once you close the top part of it.

5. Metal planter

Metal planter for storage

If the bedroom doesn’t have too much decoration, you can consider a metal planter.

This storage is easy to install and clean, yet inexpensive when you get it at the shop. The bigger the size, the more stuffed animals you can store.

6. Crates mounted on walls

stuffed animal storage

These stuffed animal storage ideas might be more interesting when you put more effort into doing it yourself.

The crate is so classic, but once you paint it, it gives a colorful look to the bedroom. Try the bright color to make it outstanding.

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7. Basket

Basket animal storage

Another option to consider is baskets. The basket is always multifunctional, so making it as stuffed animal storage is good too. There are many shapes of baskets from tube to box. You can use the basket for your laundry, too, if it’s unused.

The bedroom or playroom for kids must always be clean and tidy. Therefore, don’t let stuffed animals be everywhere. Consider having these stuffed animal storage ideas in your rooms. It’s not only the toy organizer but also the decorative purpose.

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