19 Amazing Walkout Basement Patio Ideas to Enhance Your Space

A walkout basement can be simply described as a basement that comes with a door, providing easy access from the outside. If you want to make an impressive walkout basement then you can start with the patio. Fortunately, plenty of walkout basement patio ideas are about to get you inspired.

The following ideas not only show how adorable a patio can be. It also tells you that even the simplest features mean a lot for the space, provided you know how to do with it. Since it can include your exterior settings, pick your design carefully.

1. Dark-Themed Basement Patio with Wicker Chair and Coffee Table

Dark-Themed Basement Patio with Wicker Chair and Coffee Table

A dark-themed walkout basement patio makes an ideal introduction to your classic basement. Dark wicker chairs and coffee table blends nicely with the dark shiplap wall yet contrast the white-framed glass window.

This is one of small walkout patio ideas that is completely simple and easy to create, an ideal choice for casual conversation at your idle. Whether you want to enjoy a sip of coffee in the morning or read books, this space is built just for you.

2. Mid-Size Modern Walkout Basement Patio


Are you looking for a patio idea for modern walkout basement? Try adding some modern furniture pieces like white wicker chairs and a coffee table. The patio is directly connected to the basement so it can make a new statement to the interior.

Did you make a kitchen in your walkout basement? Adding a small dining table lets you enjoy the dishes while appreciating the nature outside. Be sure these pieces come with modern style.

3. Transitional Patio with Outdoor Fire Pit

Transitional Patio with Outdoor Fire Pit

If you are blessed with a wide backyard, you don’t have to make a patio that is directly connected to the basement—you can give more space in between. Use natural stone to floor the area for additional texture.

An outdoor fire pit is added to the patio so you can warm yourself while staring at the night sky. Get some outdoor wooden chairs to support your body—make sure it is built from solid wood.

4. Walkout Basement Patio for Outdoor Kitchen


This is one of the perfect walkout basement patio ideas to make the most of your outdoor. Transform your outdoor space into an outdoor kitchen so you can invite your neighbors and friends for BBQ party in a sunny day. With a kitchen island and electric grill, you’ll be ready to throw a party.

For lying idle at night, there is an outdoor fireplace that will be ready to warm your body. Comfy patio seating will perfect your outdoor setting.

5. Natural Stone Paver for Long Lasting Basement Patio

Natural Stone Paver for Long Lasting Basement Patio

If you need to add a little texture to your basement patio then natural stone pavers have got you covered. It brings new life to the outdoor space, not to mention it ensures a long-lasting patio that is directly connected to the basement.

Wicker chairs and table make a great addition to the patio. You can also build an outdoor firepit to keep yourself warm at night.

6. Cozy Basement Patio Below Deck


Do you have free space below deck? Level it up and create a cozy walkout basement patio below deck that will instantly become your favorite spot at home.

Add patio chairs and a fire pit to enjoy light conversation when temperature drops. Add some greens like perennials or flowers to make your basement patio more alive. Gravels can also bring more natural effect to the area.

7. Hidden Basement Patio

Hidden Basement Patio

This is a basement patio idea that will create another cozy area at home. If you prefer shaded patio to enjoy outdoor situation, this one is surely for you.

Since it has roof, you can put padded seating without worrying about rain or extreme weather. You can also use natural stone pavers and walls to maintain natural accent of outdoor settings. Need some extra convenience? Install a ceiling fan.

8. Round Walkout Basement Patio with Wicker Chairs


While many homeowners don’t really care about the shape of their walkout basement patios, this is among walkout basement patio ideas that pay extra attention on it. Natural stones are arranged into round shape and a round fire pit is added to the center.

Wicker chairs surrounding the fire pit creates a cozy and functional patio. For additional visual attraction, you can get jumbo planters with matching color.

9. Walkout Basement Patio with Backyard Garden

Walkout Basement Patio with Backyard Garden

If your basement faces directly to the backyard, this patio idea would redefine your outdoor settings. Featuring garden chairs and table, it serves a cozy transit from your basement to the backyard. Whenever you need some fresh air, move a bit to the patio and enjoy the breeze.

If you have too much sun exposure for a day, lying idle in this patio can give you the freshness of outdoor air while staying in the shade.

10. Sunken Walkout Basement Patio

Walkout Basement Patio Ideas 10

When your house is built on a slope, chances are that you’ll need this sunken patio to get into walkout basement. Creatively made with modern design, it looks clean, sleek, and brilliant.

Natural stone walls match perfectly the stone slabs, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the space. Add some huge planters and low-maintenance plants so you can leave them without worries.

11. Under Deck Patio for Small Space

Under Deck Patio for Small Space

Are you looking for small basement patio ideas that fit your small backyard? Try this under deck patio and transform unused area below deck into your new favorite spot.

This is a brilliant solution to optimize every inch at the backyard, allowing you to get the most of it. Live the space up with your favorite greeneries. If possible, find ones with different colors to make your outdoor visually attractive.

12. Walkout Basement Patio with Stamped Concrete


Stamped concrete is a durable material that can help add texture to your outdoor settings, including walkout basement patio. Combining stamped concrete and natural stones, it creates adorable space for spending your time under the sun.

This patio has got a set of nice outdoor chairs and a permanent table. You can also add a kitchen island for enjoying barbecue.

13. Flagstone Patio Below Deck


This is one of walkout basement patio ideas to transform free space under deck into a cozy outdoor patio. With few furniture pieces, this remodel project doesn’t cost you a fortune.

What’s interesting about this basement patio idea is the presence of area rug. That also means you can instantly use this basement patio as a living room every time your family or guests need some fresh air.

14. Walkout Basement Patio with Colorful Garden

Modern Walkout Basement Patio Ideas

Plants make your outdoor settings more colorful and attractive. Bushes and perennials can be a great addition in your basement patio, especially if you have time for maintenance. Pick your favorite plants of different colors for the best visualization.

And of course, your patio should come with comfy seating. Cast iron chairs make a great choice for its durability and resilient nature, not to mention it requires low maintenance.

15. Flagstone Basement Patio with Boulder Wall


Flagstone always be a great option for exterior settings, including your basement patio. The aesthetic space provides you with cozy area to unwind.

In addition to beautiful flagstone, this patio features boulder wall that accentuates natural ambience. Combine with gravels and greeneries of your choice.

16. Below Deck Patio with Stone Flooring

Creative Walkout Basement Patio Ideas

If you are looking for a walkout basement patio idea that is built to last, this one should be on the top of your list. Featuring natural stone as the main material, it brings you closer to the nature.

The patio has two separated parts—patio and fire pit area. While the patio features seating to meet your friend or relatives, the fire pit area has a semi-round wall where you can sit and enjoy the heat.

17. Small Basement Patio for Outdoor Dining Area


Walkout basement patio doesn’t have to be wide. Even narrow space under deck can be transformed into a cool and cozy patio without breaking your savings.

Make an outdoor dining area that only requires a set of dining table and that’s it. Even if you don’t want to enjoy your meal outside, it is still a good place for casual conversation.

18. Aesthetic Walkout Basement Patio with Rug

Best Walkout Basement Patio Ideas

Even a simple thing like area rugs can bring a huge change into your basement patio. If you want to revamp basement patio and simplify budget at a time, this remodel idea has got you covered.

Find an area rug that meets your personal preference. Arrange seating to make it a nice spot for chilling with your kids or friend.

19. Modern Concrete Basement Patio



Stone pavers are visually attractive but they can cost you a fortune. Try concrete flooring for your basement patio to cut your spendings. Despite its affordable price, this patio flooring idea is decent.

Featuring modern design, this basement patio has a sunbrella and outdoor chairs and table for hanging out.

Revamp your outdoor space with these walkout basement patio ideas. Different models and designs are available to improve your outdoor settings so choose wisely.

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