Ultimate Guides to Bathroom Safety

Among all rooms in a house, bathrooms are the one that is always wet and has a different room temperature. This results in slippery floorings. This surely dangerous as you and other family members might slip and fall down.

So, if you want your bathroom to be safe and sound, there are some safety concerns that you have to pay attention to. Below is the ultimate guide to bathroom safety.

Pay Attention to Electricity

Carefully plan your electricity and consult a professional electrician who can advise you on legal requirements and regulations. Make sure all standard equipment is out of reach of the tub and will not touch the water.

Bulbs in bathrooms should also be protected from splashes, moisture, and steam. Buy bulbs or fluorescents specifically for bathrooms and always use the low voltage ones.

Consider Floor Materials

Ultimate Guides to Bathroom Safety

Choose non-slip floors our use a mat with a non-slip rubber base to absorb splashes and prevent falls. Moreover, make sure there is a handrail near the tub and shower. This is not only for adults but also for kids.

A handrail will help you to easily get out of the shower as well as give you balance when you stand up in the tub. Choose the non-slip ones so that you can have a grip when you want to get out of the tub or shower.

Have Storage

Dangerous materials like chemicals and floor cleaners should be safely stored in locked storage, especially if you have children. It is better to put such materials in a high, locked cabinet so that your kids cannot reach it.

Also, consider where you install the storage like racks or cabinets. Storage should not be placed above the toilet, bidet, or bathtub as you can get a bump when you stand up.

Have the Right Lighting

Have the Right Bathroom Lighting

Make sure your bathroom is bright enough so that you can clearly see everything. Install general lighting, wall lighting, and hidden lighting directed at the bathroom floor to avoid any dangerous accidents.

Consider Where You Place the Water Heater

If you use a water heater, make sure the hot water faucet is out of reach of your children. Children are always full of curiosity so make sure you cover the hot water faucet with a protective box as a preventive action against any burns.

Pay Attention to Air Circulation

Make sure that the bathroom at your home has sufficient ventilations. Accumulated steam will form mould and moss. If it is difficult to have open windows in your bathroom, you should install an exhaust fan. An exhaust fan will not only give you better air circulation in your bathroom, but also help to get rid of bad odor.

Two-Way Doors

Two-Way Doors Bathroom

The next ultimate guide to bathroom safety is installing a door lock that can be opened from the outside. This way, you can open the bathroom door from the outside if someone is trapped inside. Or you can opt for having a spare key so that you can open the door from outside as well.

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