7 Window Casing Ideas to Improve Your Home

Gripelements, Window Casing Ideas – Most homeowners put a lot of effort on interior layouts, light fixtures, or paint colors. In fact, small details like window casing also deserves your attention.

While the right choice of window casing ideas can improve a home’s design and comfort, a wrong choice can break the whole interior design.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to upgrade your window trims, both interior and exterior. Even though window casings are often overlooked, there are plenty of beautiful designs to copy.

Read on for inspiring exterior and interior window casing design ideas that work well for your sophisticated home.

Wooden Exterior Casing

Best Wooden Exterior Casing

Upgrade your home exterior with finished wooden window casings. This design is made simple with a window sill, allowing you to make it yourself for the upcoming woodworking project.

Finished wood material helps block cold air, not to mention it adds a strong nuance of warmth from the outside.

Window Trim with Crown Molding

favorite window trim idea

Crown molding has been a favorite window trim idea. The aesthetic accent enhances any given area.

Many homeowners use crown molding to improve their interior design but you can also do the same for home exterior. Painted white, this window casing is suitable a home with modern or farmhouse style.

Flat Window Casing

Best Flat Window Casing

If you are not into crown molding, this flat window casing can be a new favorite. It looks completely simple but works well to improve your home design.

Whether you are looking for simple and elegant window casing ideas for interior or exterior, this option should be on your list.

Simple Farmhouse Window Casing

Simple Farmhouse Window Casing

Many homeowners love to paint their window casing white. If you want to join the stream, this farmhouse window casing is surely for you.

Coming with a crown molding, this white casing idea looks sleek and clean. Are you ready to accentuate your home with an aesthetic touch?

Modern Interior Window Trim

Interior Window Trim Design

If you have a wide window panel, this modern trim could be an option. Because it adopts a modest design, it is suitable for any interior style.

It can also be combined with any wall paints, including dark, earth-tone or pastel colors. Thanks to white base that is neutral.

Raw Wood Casing with Sill

window casing idea for bathroom

Are you looking for a window casing idea for bathroom? This raw wood casing is worth the thought.

Made from raw wood, it adds patterns and textures to your personal space. It is also designed with a window sill, allowing you to put indoor plants to freshen up the room.

Minimalist Window Trim

Minimalist Window Trim Ideas

A wide window can bounce more light to make your space visually larger. Transform your ordinary, wide window panel into an aesthetic spot to take a selfie with this window casing.

Designed with a crown molding and window sill, this casing idea is suitable for living room or bedroom.

Upgrading your window casing can be a great way to make revamp your home. With so many window casing ideas, it offers flexibility to pick one that suits your interior or exterior design.

But be careful when choosing a casing design as it can make or break the whole appearance of your home.

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