7 Fascinating Bathroom Ceiling Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

Renewing the ceiling can be a brilliant way to revamp the bathroom. The space that entails a lot of moisture and water needs a ceiling that is not only fascinating but also highly durable.

Luckily, there are plenty of bathroom ceiling ideas from different materials to give your old bathroom an upgrade.

While fiberglass and cement board are ideal for their water resistance, tile ceilings are classy and elegant to redefine the bathroom.

If you’re not working on a tight budget, drywall can be the best option to go. Take a closer look at these ceiling inspirations and bring new atmosphere to your bathroom.

Most Popular Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Sloped Ceiling with Glass Windows

Bathroom Ceiling Design

A sloped ceiling is always a good choice to make your bathroom visually higher. Painted in pale gray, the ceiling matches bathroom walls and floors that come with a similar tone.

The best part is that it has sloped glass windows that allow natural light to illuminate the space.

Artsy Ceiling with 3D Paint

Artsy Ceiling with 3D Paint

How about painting the ceiling with 3D patterns? This small bathroom adopts a modern look with white walls, pale gray floors, and artsy ceiling that appears contrast.

Play with colors and patterns to create a 3D effects, drawing your eyes upward whenever you flex the muscles in the bathroom.

Attic Bathroom with Sloped Ceiling

Attic Bathroom with Sloped Ceiling

If you don’t know what to do with the attic, how about transforming the space into a secondary bathroom?

The small bathroom has a low, sloped ceiling with a glass window to light up the space. Paint the ceiling white to bounce more light so it appears larger than its actual size.

Patterned Tiles Bathroom Ceiling

Patterned Tiles Bathroom Ceiling

Patterned tiles for ceiling add textures to your bathroom. As one of the best bathroom ceiling ideas, it offers a visual interest with silver art deco touch.

Made from cement board, this ceiling is durable and water resistant. Paint the surface in any colors that match your bathroom style.

High Ceiling for Bathroom

Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Sloped ceiling is ideal for bathrooms with low and high ceiling. If you have a large master bathroom, high ceiling offers a sophisticated look.

Install a gleaming chandelier in the center of the room to add a touch of extravagance. Pain the ceiling with similar hues of other elements or create a contras.

LED Stripes for Dramatic Ceiling

LED Stripes for Dramatic Ceiling

Your small bathroom deserves similar attention to the large one. And if you wish to revamp the bathroom without breaking the savings, simply install LED stripes.

This ornament offers a dramatic effect especially if you have a tray ceiling adopted in the bathroom.

Vaulted Ceiling with Exposed Beams

Vaulted Ceiling with Exposed Beams

Vaulted, church-inspired ceiling has been a favorite since few decades ago. It is ideal not only for living room but also bathroom.

Combine white shiplap ceiling and exposed beams to evoke a chic and rustic style.

This ideal for a low bathroom. Vaulted ceiling maintains ceiling clearance so the bathroom looks larger and higher.

Different bathroom ceiling ideas accentuate a different feeling. Whether you prefer sloped ceiling, tray ceiling, or vaulted ceiling, just make sure to consult with the expert so you won’t regret it.

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