10 Charming Kitchen Chair Rail Ideas to Add a Classic Look in the Kitchen

A long time ago, chair rail moldings were widely popular, and most homeowners installed them in the dining room. Now, its installation is not limited to the dining room.

You can install them in the kitchen by adopting these kitchen chair rail ideas and transforming the kitchen into a more attractive space.

1. Simple Kitchen Chair Rail Under the Kitchen Windows

Kitchen Chair Rail Ideas

This transitional style kitchen looks gorgeous with its white and spotless design. It has a white cabinet with a wainscoting style.

To match this look, it needs a chair rail molding. And since most of the wall is covered with cabinets, the designer installed it on the wall under the kitchen windows.

The chair rail molding is white and simple. It is also relatively small, so it blends well with the whole kitchen style. It is simply one of the best kitchen chair rail ideas.

Moreover, the height of the chair rail does not sit too low on the wall. Therefore, it doesn’t make the ceiling look too high or too low.

2. Light Gray Kitchen Chair Rail Idea with Wainscoting


This minimalist kitchen is very attractive. Its white and gray marble countertop, gray cabinets, gray kitchen island, and white ceiling are some of the things that make the kitchen look beautiful.

Meanwhile, the chair rail moldings and wainscoting on the wall under the windows, on the sides of the kitchen island, and the cabinets add a classic look to the kitchen. The design of the chair rail molding looks classic and is more intricate than the simple chair rail ideas.

If you are thinking of adding chair rail molding and wainscoting on your cabinet, this kitchen chair rail ideas cabinet is a great choice.

Before you install the moldings and faux wainscot, it is essential to paint them first. Painting them when they are already installed will not give you a better result.

3. Classic White Chair Rail on Open-Plan Kitchen and Dining Area

Kitchen Chair Rail Ideas

Some of you may not be able to adopt kitchen chair rail ideas because the kitchen wall is fully covered with cabinets and kitchen appliances. However, if your kitchen and dining area lay on an open concept, you can apply this classic chair rail molding on the dining area.

This white chair railing is wider than the two previous ideas and has large wainscoting under the molding.

The designer applies them on all the windows and under the bar so that the area looks more enchanting. To add a warmer atmosphere, the designer paints the upper wall in light brown color.

4. Blue and White Dining Area with Chair Rail Moldings


This is another great chair rail idea for an open-plan kitchen and dining area. The combination of blue and white walls makes the dining area look elegant.

To separate the blue and white walls, the designer installs chair rail moldings. The moldings are white and medium-size.

The height of the chair rail moldings almost reaches half of the wall’s height. However, they don’t make the ceiling look too low.

5. Dark Blue Kitchen Idea with Full Wall Molding

Kitchen Chair Rail Ideas

Covering the kitchen wall with full wall molding can add the aesthetic value to your kitchen. The dark blue color of this wall molding will also help you maintain the spotless look of your kitchen easier compared to having a white wall molding.

6. Chair Rail Idea and Wall Molding Idea for Luxury Kitchens


If you plan to remodel your kitchen into a luxury kitchen, you must install white crown molding and other types of wall moldings, including chair rail, on the kitchen wall similar to this kitchen idea. You may have limited space for the chair rail moldings, but you can try to install them on the breakfast nook wall.

Just a simple kitchen chair rail idea is enough because the crown moldings already add an intricate and luxurious look into the kitchen. In order to improve the luxury look, don’t forget to add wainscoting too.

7. Beige Minimalist Chair Rail Idea for the Kitchen


When it comes to choosing minimalist kitchen chair rail ideas, you will have numerous ideas to choose. One of them is this beige minimalist chair rail idea. The breakfast nook of this kitchen oozes a warm atmosphere thanks to the beige wall and beige chair rail.

The interior designer of this kitchen chooses a simple chair rail molding because the window casing and the crown molding in this kitchen have an intricate look. Therefore, the kitchen needs another simple molding to balance them.

8. A Chair Rail Idea for a Small and Chic Kitchen

Kitchen Chair Rail Ideas

Decorating a small kitchen is not always easy. There are a number of considerations that you need to think about when performing this task. If you want to transform it into a chic kitchen, it is essential to make it look organized and clean.

Moreover, you need to choose the right wall paint color, such as the ones in this kitchen idea. For the kitchen chair rail, you can choose a classic style chair rail molding in small to medium size. The best color for the chair rail is white and the height must be relatively low.

9. Classic Elegant Kitchen Chair Rail Ideas


This classic wall molding idea is simply beautiful. The chair rail molding is on the wider side and has great intricate details.

Meanwhile, the wainscoting is not too wide and has a matching style with the chair rail. Consequently, this wall molding idea will enhance the beauty of the dining and kitchen area.


10. A Contrasted Kitchen Chair Rail Idea


White kitchen chair rail ideas are very common. However, you can make it different from the others by combining the white chair rail molding with a black wall or dark gray wall. The contrasting look of the molding and the wall will create a unique look in your kitchen and dining area.

Adding a chair rail molding in your kitchen is a great way to upgrade its beauty. It will also add elegant and luxury looks in the kitchen. To achieve these looks, you can choose one of the kitchen chair rail ideas above. All of them are appealing and perfect for any size and style of kitchen.

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